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October 26, 2010

Contact: Maggie Kao (202) 675-2384

New TV Ad in Perriello Race from Sierra Club
VA-5 Race is Pivotal in the Fight against Big Oil Interests

Charlottesville, VA - Today the Sierra Club released a new television ad highlighting a key race against corporate polluters in Virginia’s 5th District.  The ad focuses on Congressman Tom Perriello’s fight to bring clean energy jobs, oil independence, and support for veterans to Virginia.

The spot also exposes GOP candidate Robert Hurt’s ties to Big Oil and other corporate polluters, as well as his votes to keep the nation dependent on foreign oil and give tax breaks to companies who outsource American jobs.    

“Through his record as a state legislator, Robert Hurt has proven time and again that he will vote for the special interests of oil billionaires and corporate polluters over the public interest,” said Cathy Duvall, Sierra Club’s Political Director. “Virginia voters have a choice on Election Day to vote for a candidate like Hurt who will side with corporate polluters like BP, or a leader like Tom Perriello who is working to create more jobs and security by building a clean energy economy for the state.”

Hurt is a Tea Party-supported candidate who opposes legislation to create more jobs, less pollution and greater security by refusing to hold corporate polluters accountable for their share of climate change pollution.

The six-figure buy is the second ad buy for the Sierra Club in VA-5 – the first buy was a joint effort with the League of Conservation Voters.  The ad will run in the district through the end of the election. 

The Sierra Club has endorsed Tom Perriello for his strong leadership on clean energy legislation.

The TV ad can be viewed at







Robert Hurt.


A favorite of oil billionaires, 

Koch Industries Has Donated $4500 to Robert Hurt During His Political Career:  According to the Virginian Public Access Project, Koch Industries has donated $4500 to Robert Hurt during his political career. [Virginia Public Access Project]


Koch Industries is run by billionaire brother Charles and David Koch, who made their money in the oil industry. According to its website, “Koch companies have been in the petroleum business since 1940, growing our refining capacity more than 80-fold. Today these companies engage in petroleum refining, chemicals and base oil production, crude oil supply, and wholesale marketing of fuels, base oils, petrochemicals, asphalt and other products.”  [The New Yorker, 8/30/10; Koch Industries website] 

he’ll keep us dependent on foreign oil,


Rob Hurt Supports Policies That Would Keep Us Dependent On Foreign Oil.  Rob Hurt opposed the energy legislation that would have helped reduce carbon emissions, calling it an excess of environmental policy. That keeps us more dependent on foreign oil.  Hurt said of the legislation, “There are bills like cap-and-trade, which is the greatest example of excess in environmental policy. Cap-and-trade is not a bill that will do anything except harm people. It will kill jobs.”  [Jefferson Area Tea Party, 7/22/10]



and give tax breaks to companies who outsource our jobs.

Rob Hurt Opposed A Bill That Ended A Tax Break For Companies That Outsource Jobs: Rob Hurt opposed a bill hat close the tax loophole for multinational corporations that encourages sending jobs overseas in order to prevent the firing of teachers.  Hurt called on Tom Perriello to vote against the bill.  Invalid tag: Invalid tag: Invalid tag: [[

Not Tom Perriello.


He’s leading the charge to make Virginia a clean energy leader,


supporting solutions like advanced battery technology,


and guaranteeing veterans the job training they need when they come home

Clean energy. Jobs. Veterans.


that’s what Tom Perriello’s fighting for.


Graphic: Perriello: Clean Energy. Jobs. Veterans.

Tom Perriello Has a Plan For Clean Energy and Oil Independence:


“Our national security, our climate, and our economic competitiveness demand that we achieve independence from foreign oil during this generation. Past leaders have lacked the courage to do what is necessary to make our country safe and to encourage next big economic boom: alternative energy and efficiency technologies. Here are some of the ways I’ve fought to make our nation energy independent:

  • “Voted for the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which will reduce carbon emissions, create new jobs in the clean energy economy, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil
  • “Voted for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which provided the largest federal investment in clean energy technology to date
  • “Convened a New Energy Summit and created a New Energy Blueprint as a roadmap for putting the 5th District at the forefront of the clean energy economy.” [Tom Perriello For Congress]


Tom Perriello Has a Record Off Supporting Veterans:


“There is no duty more sacred for an elected official than ensuring our troops are provided with a strategy for victory, protected in battle, and supported as veterans. Our support for troops must continue when they come home. As a proud member of the Veterans Affairs Committee, I’ve worked hard to ensure our vets get the educational and job opportunities they deserve when they return home.


  • “Introduced legislation to increase on-the-job training benefits for veterans
  • “Passed legislation to increase health care benefits for individuals who serve as primary caregivers of severely disabled veterans
  • “Passed legislation to start the process of transferring the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford over to the National Park Service.” [Tom Perriello For Congress]



The Sierra Club is responsible for the content of this advertising.



Graphic:The Sierra Club is responsible for the content of this advertising. Paid for by The Sierra Club ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.





Paid for by the Sierra Club,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. 





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