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November 9, 2010



Sierra Club announces new edition of Michael Brune's book on America's clean energy future


New version of Coming Clean: Breaking America's Addiction to Oil and Coal outlines steps towards a clean energy economy


San Francisco, CA. Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune has outlined a new vision towards our clean energy future, in an updated and revised edition of his book Coming Clean: Breaking America's Addiction to Oil and Coal (Sierra Club Books/Counterpoint, November 2010). Published on the heels of the mid-term elections, the book lays out a clear blueprint for how America can move toward a new clean energy economy.


People have started to understand that we must transition to clean energy, not in spite of the economy, but because of it,” says Brune. “We can create millions of green jobs as we transform this nation into a true leader in clean energy.”


The book also includes a new chapter on the BP Oil Disaster and what it means for our energy future. Brune recalls his personal experiences in the Gulf Coast this summer, touring the oil damage and working with people directly affected by the disaster.


The BP disaster was a wake-up call, and we hit the snooze button,” says Brune. “We need to move our nation beyond oil and end this addiction once and for all.”


Author Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club and former head of Rainforest Action Network, distills all his activist skills and passion into this book. He shows us how we, as motivated citizens, can put our convictions into practice and strategically pressure corporations and our government to change their energy priorities. His vivid reports track the myriad ways our thirst for ever-scarcer oil and coal harms communities like those along the Gulf coast, corrupts policy and finance, and wreaks havoc on the Earth and its climate. He also describes the most promising developments in renewables, biofuels, and efficient design. The book addresses topics including how automakers can save themselves - and the planet; how sun and wind can generate power and prosperity; and transportation in a post-oil economy.



****For interviews with Michael Brune about the book, or post-election analysis about next steps towards a clean energy future, please contact Orli Cotel, (415) 977-5627 or to set up an interview. Review copies of the book are available upon request.****



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