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December 2010 - Issue 21

Old Growth Forest


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is taking comment until December 15 on its draft northern spotted owl recovery plan. The continued declining health of the threatened northern spotted owl is related to the logging of our last remaining stands of mature and old growth forest.

This long-awaited plan will determine the level of protection across the spotted owl's Pacific Northwest range, specifically in the old growth forests of western and southern Oregon. Unfortunately, the draft plan leaves significant owl habitat vulnerable to logging! Click here to send in a comment letter!


Do you love being outdoors and want to help us fulfill our mission to explore, enjoy, and protect Oregon's environment and precious public lands?  Each year Sierra Club volunteers lead over 100 outings to some of Oregon's most special places -- inspiring even more people to get involved and support the Sierra Club's work in Oregon.

On President's Day weekend (February 18th-20th) we're hosting a weekend-long training program in Molalla, Oregon that will provide you with the first aid and leadership training you need to become a Sierra Club outings leader. We're looking to recruit new potential leaders from across the state to participate in this program and commit to leading outings for the Sierra Club in 2011. Click here to learn more and apply!
Click here to learn more and apply!


Despite popular support for new wilderness in Oregon, the US Senate has so-far failed to pass legislation to protect special places across the state, including the Molalla River, Oregon Caves, Devil's Staircase, Horse Heaven, Cathedral Rock, and the Rogue River. But there is still time to pass these bills before the end of the year. Please contact Senators Wyden and Merkley and urge them to redouble their efforts to pass Oregon wilderness and river protection legislation this month!


The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners is taking public comment until 6 p.m, Wednesday, December 8th and holding a public hearing at 5:30 p.m the same day on plans to help improve the Sellwood Bridge with a $5 vehicle registration fee for Clackamas County car owners. The fee would help pay for important upgrades to the aging bridge that will make it safer and greener. The bridge is so old and cracked that it is no longer safe for buses to run across it and its narrow lanes make it unsafe for bikes and pedestrians. 70% of the travelers across the aging bridge are from Clackamas County, but residents are being asked to only pay a small fee to cover 7% of the total costs. Please send a note of support for the $5 vehicle registration fee, or consider testifying at the public hearing. Click here for more details.  Please send your comment letter to


In early December, a U.S. District judge delivered a stinging blow to Monsanto and the USDA after the unlawful planting of genetically engineered beets in Oregon earlier this year. The judge ordered the immediate destruction of 256 acres of genetically engineered (GE) beets in Oregon and Arizona, citing the irreparable harm of cross-contamination of GE plants with normal ones. Half of the nation's sugar comes from sugar beets, and due to USDA unlawfully permitting GE seed to flood into the market, 95 % of them are now grown using seeds genetically engineered to resist heavy spraying of the Monsanto pesticide Roundup. The Sierra Club, Center for Food Safety, Earthjustice, the Organic Seed Alliance and local farmers brought the successful suit against USDA.  Click here to learn more!

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