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December 2, 2010

Contact: Maggie Kao, 202-675-2384

EPA Celebrates 40 Years as Protector of Our Health and Environment 

WASHINGTON, D.C. - This week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) celebrates 40 years of protecting Americans’ health and our environment.  To show its appreciation, the Sierra Club and its 1.4 million members and supporters launched today a 
virtual birthday cake  to list 40 ways the EPA has protected our health and environment.

Statement by Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune: 

“On the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the EPA, we recognize its wide-ranging and important achievements that have made the everyday lives of Americans better.  

"Whether protecting our drinking water from pollution, ensuring clean air for our children, or saving us money on our utilities each day, the EPA has been there for us. 

The EPA has saved tens of thousands of lives (every single year) and trillions of dollars. As EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said while commemorating the Clean Air Act's 40th anniversary: 'For every one dollar we have spent, we get more than $40 of benefits in return.' So much for the idea that we must always choose between the environment and the economy.

"The EPA has shown how even big environmental problems, such as acid rain and the ozone depletion, can be tackled and solved through responsible regulations.  As we face the environmental challenges of the next century – from curbing CO2 emissions to ending our dependence on dirty fuels – we are counting on the engineers, scientists, and specialists of the EPA to continue protecting not just the environment but also the American people.”

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