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Sierra Club Currents - Sierra Club and the National Rifle Association?
Volume VI, #65
Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quote of Note:

"This has the potential to be the energy version of Nixon going to China."

 -- Dan Schnur, a political science instructor at the University of California-Berkeley, on Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. (R) signing the Western Regional Climate Action Initiative.

(1) Air Field: Sierra Club and the National Rifle Association?
(2) Victory: Gov. Terminates Terminal
(3) Take Action: Yes to Clean Water!
(4) Take Action: Support a Strong Energy Bill!

(1) Air Field: Sierra Club and the National Rifle Association?

In a truly unique partnership, the Sierra Club, the NRA, hunting and fishing groups, the Republican party and a host of other groups in North Carolina have teamed up to protect the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. The groups' efforts were rewarded late last week, when Senators in the North Carolina legislature voted not to allow a proposed Navy landing strip to be built near the refuge.

Find out more about how the Sierra Club and sportsmen are working together to protect our outdoor heritage.

Photo courtesy USFWS.

(2) Victory: Gov. Terminates Terminal

In a huge victory, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal off California's coast. Thanks to the efforts of the Sierra Club, California Coastal Protection Network, Environmental Defense Center, CAUSE and many other conservation, community and Latino organizations the proposed LNG terminal project has been defeated. Over 2,000 people came out to weigh in against the massive pollution and hazards that would threaten marine life and coastal communities presented.

Learn about other coastal threats and what you can do to help!

(3) Take Action:Yes to Clean Water!

Today critical legislation was introduced to ensure that the Clean Water Act broadly protects all of our nation's waters, not just those you can float a boat on. With industry actively attempting to hack away at clean water protections and confusion over the scope of those protections, it is imperative for Congress to act now to clarify that the Clean Water Act should protect all of our waters from unregulated pollution and destruction.

Tell your Representative to support the Clean Water Restoration Act!

(4) Take Action: Support a Strong Energy Bill!

two windmillsIn two weeks, the Senate will vote on broad global warming and energy legislation. This is an opportunity to move the country in a new direction- one that curbs global warming, cuts our dependence on oil, and creates a new clean energy economy. Unfortunately, the proposed legislation fails the test. We need urgent and meaningful action including a national Renewable Energy Standard, guaranteed fuel economy improvements, and strong energy efficiency programs- not business as usual.

Tell your Senators that America needs a stronger energy bill!

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