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Jan. 18, 2011: In This Issue
º These Hills Will Stay Alive
º Drilling and the Gulf
º Recharging the Economy
º The Perfect Day in Yosemite
º Environmental Justice for All
º Good Jobs Green Jobs
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In the News
Executive Director Michael Brune gives kudos to Administrator Lisa Jackson in Politico's coverage of the EPA's Spruce Mine decision.
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Today's green tip
Ditch imported and expensive spices by growing your own herbs.
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Visit Arches and other national parks for free

Free Park-ing Days
The National Parks are some of America's most marvelous lands. And while it's important to support the parks through admissions, the recently announced National Park free days are a great way to fit more Park visits into your budget. So mark your calendar. There's even a full week of free admission in April in honor of National Park Week.
On the Radio
1) Hollywood Actress Eva Mendes talks about why environmental issues are important to her, and what she does to go green 2) Tierra Del Forte from Fair Trade USA on green Fair Trade fashion 3) Green cuisine tips from Annie Somerville, executive chef of Greens restaurant.
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Tell your senator to protect the gulf coast

Restore the Gulf Coast
Tell Congress that Gulf Coast communities cannot wait any longer -- it's time to restore the Gulf Coast and prevent future oil disasters on our shores.
 Local Sierra Club activists and other concerned citizens in Appalachia working to stop the devastation of mountaintop-removal mining. These Hills Will Stay Alive

For more than a decade, local Sierra Club activists and other concerned citizens in Appalachia have worked to stop the devastation of mountaintop-removal mining. Last week, they achieved one of their most important victories when the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it would cancel the water-pollution permit for one of the largest mountaintop-removal mines ever proposed in Appalachia.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson stopped a mountaintop mine that would have buried more than seven miles of vital headwater streams, poisoned local waterways, and obliterated over 2,000 acres of Appalachian woodlands -- and she did it despite threats from some in Congress who would prefer to let corporations ignore the Clean Water Act with impunity. Putting the health and safety of people and communities first -- that's a decision that deserves our thanks!

Deep Water: The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Future of Offshore Drilling Drilling and the Gulf: Answers and Challenges

The independent commission appointed by President Obama to investigate last year's oil disaster in the Gulf has issued its final report and -- who'd have guessed? -- it reads more like a thriller than the work of a committee. The New York Times called Deep Water: The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Future of Offshore Drilling "riveting and chilling," while Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune blogged that "it's enough of a page-turner that you almost wonder whether the Commission hired Sebastian Junger (The Perfect Storm) as a ghostwriter."

Besides identifying widespread problems with the oil-drilling industry that demand immediate reform, the report makes a strong case for why we need a balanced energy policy that encourages renewables and offers a clear path to a future without fossil fuels.

For a copy of the report you could shell out $39 to the Government Printing Office. Here's a better idea: Read this Compass blog post on e-book options (including some free ones).

Click here to purchase Michael Brune's book Coming Clean.

Renewables Renewables Recharge the Economy

The economy's like the weather in that it's easier to complain about it than to do something that might make it better. That's not the case with the renewable-energy sector, though, where the sun is shining brightly. Read the details of a newly released solar jobs census report as well as our interview with a major solar-installation company that is getting ready to expand its workforce and its services into the East Coast this year.

The wind sector also had a good 2010, albeit at a slower growth rate than during the previous year. Nevertheless, the renewable-energy industry continues to prove that good green jobs are already here -- and ready to recharge the economy.

A Perfect Day in YosemiteThe Perfect Day in Yosemite

While hiking in Yosemite National Park, long-time Los Angeles resident Jamie Simons turned to her husband and said, "I want to live here." Then she actually did something about it. Now, having moved her family to Wawona, she's blogging about the experience, as her daughter attends a one-room schoolhouse and her husband occasionally longs for noise, fast food, people, and the city.

Jamie calls her blog "A Year in Yosemite" but, so far, one day has stood out above all others.
Photo by Jon Jay

Get environmental justice green tips at the Green Life blog Environmental Justice for All

While Sierra Club activists work on environmental justice issues every day of the year, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day always reminds us to double down on our commitment to making sure a healthy environment is available to all.

On the Green Life blog, we've written about how you can do that by taking on polluters in your area, how helping the environment can create good jobs, and how you can help get healthy food in urban areas.

Good Jobs Green Jobs Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference

The next Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference is rapidly approaching (Feb. 8-10 in Washington, D.C.), and the Sierra Club is once again a presenting sponsor. Along with two days of workshops and keynote speakers focused on growing the clean-energy economy, there will be an address by Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood about how green transportation and transit can create good jobs, protect the environment, and keep America globally competitive.

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