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"I know that we can achieve 100 percent renewably generated electricity by 2020."

-San Francisco Environment Director Melanie Nutter on a new initiative to power the city on clean energy

1. Take Action: New Attacks on Our Health
2. Take Action: Clean Up Large Trucks
3. Coal: Student Power
4. Climate Skeptic: Paid for By Big Oil


 Coal Plant 200px1) Take Action: New Attacks on Our Health

The Republican majority in the House of Representatives, many of whom are funded by Big Oil and corporate polluters, want to give polluters a free pass to pollute our air and water. House Republicans like Rep. Issa (R-CA), Upton (R-MI), and Carter (R-TX) are trying to dismantle the public health protections and undermine the Clean Air Act—all to support polluters’ bottom line.  The legislation could come to a vote in as soon as this week. 

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Contact your members of Congress today and tell them that these Republican attacks on the EPA and our health make us sick

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[object Object] 2) Take Action: Clean Up Large Trucks

We rely on large trucks and buses every day for the transportation and the delivery of goods across the country. Some heavy-duty vehicles - including 18-wheelers, city buses, and delivery trucks - can cover as much 150,000 miles each year.  Unlike passenger vehicles, these vehicles have never been subject to federal fuel efficiency or global warming tailpipe pollution standards.

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Tell the EPA along with Department of Transportation to make sure the biggest trucks on the road emit less global warming pollution and cut our dependence on oil.

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penn state students 3) Coal: Student Power

Thanks to student pressure, Pennsylvania State University has officially announced it will stop burning coal on campus. This commitment makes them the ninth university to pledge to end their coal use on campus and falls on the heels of Missouri University of Science and Technology which recently announced their plans to move off coal in favor of a renewable geothermal energy system. 

The work doesn’t stop there (yes, that is Van Jones in the photo with students at Miami University). Learn more about their work here.

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Postcard from Cancun 4) Climate Skeptic: Paid for By Big Oil

New information has revealed that Dr. Pat Michaels, a climate skeptic, is funded by the oil industry. It appears that Dr. Michaels lied before Congress about his oil industry funding when testifying that global warming pollution is not a threat in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which Representative Upton now chairs. Rep. Waxman is calling for an investigation.  

Find out what you can do about it.  

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