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Sierra Club Applauds President’s Vision for 21st Century Transportation
Proposal Will Cut Pollution, Improve Communities, Help End Oil Dependence

Washington, D.C. – This week, President Obama proposed a number of important transportation measures that will cut pollution and help end America’s oil dependence. The President’s 2012 budget proposal and plans for a six-year program include goals of updating public transit, creating livable communities, and stopping waste of tax dollars.

A recent Rockefeller Foundation poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly support modernizing our transportation system, and support a “fix-it-first” approach to transportation funding that prioritizes repairing existing roads and bridges over building new ones. Sierra Club has updated a map that highlights road repair needs in various states:

Statement of Sierra Club Green Transportation Campaign Director Ann Mesnikoff

It’s time for America to modernize our transportation system and end our dependence on oil.  By boosting public transit and rail, the President’s plan will help cut pollution and reduce our dependence on oil. The proposal would also promote livable communities that reduce the need for driving by investing in safe walking and biking.

The President's vision for transportation includes redressing the condition of our roads and bridges which he specifically noted in his State of the Union speech last month. The President recognizes that fixing our highways and making them safe should be a priority. Fixing our existing roads is a sensible step in a comprehensive plan that includes increasing transportation choices.  President Obama’s transportation vision for 2012 and beyond will also put Americans to work.

We commend President Obama for his visionary transportation plan for 2012 and the next six years.  We look forward to working with the administration to ensure that transportation dollars help cut air pollution, fight climate disruption, and move America beyond oil.   


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