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“We are not in a yielding frame of mind.”

--Author Wendell Berry on his group’s anti-mountaintop removal coal mining sit-in at Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s office.

1. Take Action: No Corporate Polluter Handouts
2. Take Action: Support Strong Safeguards for America’s National Forests
3. New Campaign: Stop Polluters
4. Apply: Best Internship on Earth

1) Take Action: No Corporate Polluter Handouts Smokestacks (Photo by Dori)

House Republicans want to pass along handouts to corporate polluters. Their proposed plan would cut the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget, reduce transportation funding that would cut our oil dependence, gut Clean Water Act protections, endanger our wild places, undermine the Endangered Species Act, and turn the Department of Energy's loan guarantee program into even more of a nuclear energy slush fund.

Click here to take action!
Tell your Representative to reject these cuts and move us forward by creating jobs and the clean energy economy we need.

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[object Object] 2) Take Action: Support Strong Safeguards for America’s National Forests

The U.S. Forest Service has proposed revisions to Reagan era regulations governing the management of America’s 193 million acres of national forests, giving managers the tools they need to safeguard water, wildlife and jobs in an era of climate disruption.

While the proposed national forest management guidelines are a step in the right direction, the agency should give forest managers clarity on what is expected of them and give the public confidence that national forests are being fully protected.

 Click here to take action! 
Submit your comments now in support of strong safeguards for our nation’s forests!

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3) New Campaign: Stop Polluters

Burning coal and oil causes pollution that creates serious, life-threatening health problems, inflicting children with asthma, stifling childhood development, and cutting short thousands of lives. Fortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency exists to enforce much needed safeguards that can stop polluters from making us sick.

This month, the Sierra Club is mobilizing our 1.4 million members and supporters in a national effort to Stop Polluters. Together we can send a message to our public officials and President Obama: Both the physical well-being of our families and the economic well-being of our nation depend on enforcing strong public health standards.

Learn more and Take Action!

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4)  Apply: Best Internship on Earth

It’s that time again – time to apply for the Best Internship on Earth! Our Outdoors Youth Ambassador intern will spend the summer hiking, rafting, and exploring with the Sierra Club's youth programs around the country, and video blogging about their experience – all while earning a handsome stipend and getting $2,000 worth of gear from The North Face and Planet Explore.

The deadline to apply is March 16, 2011. You must be at least 18 years old to apply, and currently enrolled in high school, college, or university, or be a recent graduate. Learn more and apply now!

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