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"I'm not an activist, an alarmist, a Democrat, environmentalist or anything like that. I’m just a person who isn’t able to manage the health of my family because of all this drilling."

--Kelly Gant, whose 14-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son have experienced severe asthma attacks, dizzy spells and headaches since a compressor station and a natural gas well were set up about two years ago near her house in Bartonville, Texas.

1. Take Action: Join the World Bank Day of Action
2. Take Action: The Right to Know
3. New: Go Electric
4. Health: Clean Air Act Saves Millions

1) Take Action: Join the World Bank Day of Action

World BankToday activists are holding rallies in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Johannesburg and other cities across the globe calling on the World Bank to 'Free Us from Fossil Fuels.'  Despite the World Bank's poverty-breaking, pro-climate action rhetoric, its fossil fuel lending has increased 400 percent since 2006. What's worse, according to Oil Change International's independent analysis, none of these projects were funded specifically to provide energy access to the poor.

Take Action!
Join the international day of action by speaking out against fossil fuel lending on Twitter, Facebook, and the World Bank's blog.

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Air Pollution_sm2) Take Action: The Right to Know

We have a right to know what polluters are spewing into the air we breathe. The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) greenhouse gas reporting system is the key to tracking the emissions of the biggest polluters so we have the data we need to tackle climate disruption. But Big Coal and Oil are trying to keep us in the dark by hiding their emissions calculations, even though the Clean Air Act requires emission data be made public. 

 Click here to take action! 

Tell EPA that we deserve to know what’s happening to the atmosphere now.
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Plug-in electric vehicle 3) New: Go Electric 

The Sierra Club today is launching a new "Go Electric" campaign to promote electric vehicles in the U.S.  We'll be working with members across the country to advocate for federal, state, local, and utility policies that will encourage the use of electric vehicles. Putting more electric vehicles on the road will fight pollution, create jobs, and help end the nation’s oil dependence. Join us today! 

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I heart clean air4)Health: Clean Air Act Saves Millions

A new report out today from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows that the Clean Air Act will have saved Americans about $2 trillion in health costs by 2020. Cleaner air means fewer heart and asthma attacks and the prevention of as many as 230,000 premature American deaths in 2020. The report comes as the EPA and Administrator Lisa Jackson face increasing attacks from the oil and coal industries for the agency's role in protecting Americans from air and water pollution.

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