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March 1, 2011: In This Issue
º 9 Myths About Electric Vehicles
º United We Stand for Solutions
º World Bank Day of Action
º The Best Internship on Earth
º Great Green Groups

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Raft the Colorado and hike in the Mojave on a base camp trip in Nevada, explore natural wonders on a lodge-based trip in Washington's Olympic National Park, or learn to backpack the Sierra on a beginner trip in California's Tahoe National Forest.

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Read Confessions of a Bug-Eater in Sierra Magazine

Interview with a Bug Eater
Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods, roams the planet to taste things like dung beetles, tarantulas, scorpions, and rooster-testicle soup. But Zimmern's goal isn't just to gross us out -- there's a message in his madness.

Test-driving a topless, apple-red Tesla electric Roadster

One Million EVs by 2015!
Tell President Obama to follow through on his pledge to put one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015. If we receive 50,000 messages, we'll deliver them to the White House in an electric car.

Nine Myths About Electric Vehicles Nine Myths About Electric Vehicles

President Obama has pledged that America will have one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015 -- a goal that can create good American jobs, slash pollution, combat climate disruption, and help end our dependence on oil. The Sierra Club's new "Go Electric" campaign aims to make that goal a reality by advocating for policies that make EVs both affordable and accessible -- and by debunking some common misconceptions.

Here are the nine biggest myths about electric vehicles.

United We Stand for SolutionsUnited We Stand for Solutions

When workers began protesting Governor Scott Walker's attempt to bust the public employee unions in Wisconsin, the Sierra Club stood firmly behind the right to organize and bargain collectively. Executive Director Michael Brune writes about the connection between attacks our nation's environmental policies and attacks on the labor movement
-- and how our Blue-Green Alliance is the key to both a prosperous middle class and a healthy environment.

From Inner City Outings to the White House From Inner City Outings to the White House

It's a long way from running with a gang in East Palo Alto to shaking hands with the president of the United States, but such is the power of the outdoors to transform lives. Arturo Cervantes, a former participant -- and now volunteer leader -- with the Sierra Club's Inner City Outings program, was invited to the White House last week to hear President Obama talk about the America's Great Outdoors initiative -- a new vision for managing America's public lands.

Sierra Club Conservation Director Sarah Hodgdon writes about Arturo's journey and how the America's Great Outdoors initiative can transform the lives of all Americans in her latest blog post at TreeHugger.

World Bank Day of Action World Bank Day of Action

Activists and organizations across the world are calling on the World Bank to phase out its loans to fossil-fuel projects like giant coal plants. Those loans have actually increased 400 percent since 2006, in spite of the bank's pro-climate rhetoric.

The Sierra Club is leading a "virtual" day of action in solidarity with the rallies to hold the World Bank accountable. You can join in by speaking out against fossil-fuel lending on Twitter, Facebook, and the World Bank's blog.

The Best Internship on Earth The Best Internship on Earth

Calling all students: If you're looking for an awesome way to spend next summer, then the Sierra Club's "Best Internship on Earth" has got to be at the top of the list. The successful applicant gets to go hiking, rafting, and exploring with our youth programs all over the country -- all while video blogging about the experience. Along with taking in glorious sights and meeting amazing people, he or she will earn a $2,500 stipend and get outfitted with $2,000 worth of gear from The North Face and Planet Explore.

If you're at least 18 years old and currently enrolled in high school, college, or university (or a recent graduate), get started on your application right away: The deadline for entries is March 16.

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Green Transportation Where to Invest When Oil Spikes

Oil prices are going up again, and that means real opportunities in the alternative-energy sector for savvy green investors.

In his Green Alpha's Next Economy blog, Garvin Jabusch of Green Alpha Advisors identifies the kinds of companies -- in areas like transportation, electric energy, and battery technology -- that he thinks stand to gain value as oil prices spike.

Water testing with students Spotlight on Great Green Groups

The Sierra Club is a partner in the 2011 Green Choice Campaign from -- a website where you can learn more about nonprofit organizations by reading evaluations from the people who've volunteered with them.

Do you have a story about how the Sierra Club or another environmental organization has positively affected your life or community? Share your review today.

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