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"Our hearts go out to the people of Japan in this time of unspeakable tragedy and suffering. They will remain in our thoughts as the aftermath of the massive quake continues to unfold."

- Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune

1. Disasters in Japan: Our Thoughts
2. Take Action: Fight Our Oil Addiction
3. Take Action: Corporations Should Not Sue Countries
4. It’s Back: Drill, Baby, Drill

1) Disasters in Japan: Our Thoughts

Our hearts and thoughts are with Japan as the people recover from the devastating earthquake and tsunami. As always, times like these lead us to reexamine our lives here in the U.S. For many policy makers that means taking a second look at nuclear energy following problems at a damaged nuclear plant in Japan. Nukes are not the answer. Clean, renewable sources are the only safe way to meet our energy needs.

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[object Object]2) Take Action: Fight Our Oil Addiction

Today, transportation is responsible for more than 70 percent of our nation's oil use. We can cut this amount with investments in public transit and a transportation system that gives Americans choices for how they travel.  With a new transportation bill in the works, it's important that Congress realizes that repairing and maintaining our current infrastructure will create more jobs than building unnecessary and costly new highways, while public transportation projects can create nearly twice as many job hours per dollar invested as spending on new highway projects. 

 Click here to take action! 

Tell your representative America needs a transportation system that ends our dependence on oil, cuts pollution, and provides clean, efficient, and affordable transportation options while putting the country back to work.

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[object Object] 3) Take Action:  Corporations Should Not Sue Countries

President Obama will be visiting El Salvador on March 22nd to discuss new bilateral economic programs for El Salvador's struggling economy. Yet while the U.S. offers economic assistance with one hand, U.S. mining corporations are suing El Salvador for $200 million dollars with the other. Pacific Rim and Commerce Group have invoked the so-called "investor protections" provisions of the U.S.- Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), claiming to be owed enormous sums of "lost profits" simply because the Salvadoran government and people have rejected their mining permits in defense of the environment.

Take Action!Make a call today and tell your Representative to stand up for environmental protection at home and abroad! 

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Hydrofracking4) It's Back: Drill, Baby, Drill

As gas prices have increased in the past week, so have renewed calls to "drill, baby, drill" off our coastlines and in some of America's last wild places. New legislation, Congressional hearings, and even a re-launch of the "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" campaign are all in the works -- despite the fact that drilling won't lower gas prices. The only real way to ensure that rising gas prices don't continue to hurt American families is to start reducing our dependence on oil now. Learn how.

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