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Sierra Club Currents - North American Fuel Economy Agreement
Volume VI, #66
Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Quote of Note:

"The work, I think, is going to be bordering on science fiction."

 -- Energy Department Assistant Secretary John Mizroch, on DOE's plan to use termites to wean the nation off its oil addiction.

(1) Gas Prices: North American Fuel Economy Agreement
(2) Katrina Recovery: Trash to Treasure
(3) Take Action: Support State's Rights to Have Clean Cars!
(4) Take Action: Protect Big Cypress National Preserve!

(1) Gas Prices: North American Fuel Economy Agreement

Filling UpWhile many in the U.S. Congress are dragging their feet on improving fuel economy, officials in Canada are ready to take action. In fact, Canadian officials announced last week that they want to improve fuel economy not only in Canada, but across the entire North American continent by setting continent-wide fuel economy benchmarks. Raising fuel economy standards to make our vehicles go further on a gallon of gas is the biggest single step we can take to lower gas prices, curb global warming and end our dependence on oil.

Find out how much you could save if Congress raised fuel economy standards.

(2) Katrina Recovery: Trash to Treasure

KatrinaIn the wake of Hurricane Katrina, many Gulf Coast communities were trashed- literally. While the government is seeking to throw the hurricane debris in a landfill, local church, community and environmental groups want more. The coalition of local groups is helping to create a future where debris and waste is looked at as a resource. By harnessing the power of recycling the citizens are creating jobs, protecting public health and saving the residents money-all while cleaning up their neighborhoods.

Learn what other people are doing to improve their communities through recycling and how you can help.

Photo courtesy Michele Sandusky.

(3) Take Action:Support State's Rights to Have Clean Cars!

FreewayThe EPA is currently deciding whether to allow California to implement the landmark Pavley clean car law. The decision will also affect the thirteen additional states across the country -- representing a total of over 40% of the U.S. auto market -- that have adopted California's clean car regulations. With over 1/3 of America's global warming emissions coming from transportation, now is the time for clean car standards that will put our country on a path to reduce U.S. global warming emissions 80% by 2050. That's 2% a year, the level scientists tell us will protect us from the worst impacts of global warming.

Support state's rights to have clean cars!

(4) Take Action: Protect Big Cypress National Preserve!

Big CypressBig Cypress National Preserve provides countless opportunities to enjoy hiking, camping, sight-seeing and otherwise experiencing the outdoors. Over 450,000 people visit the preserve each year to enjoy the park free of off-road vehicles. Now the expanded use of off-road vehicles is threatening the preserve -- detracting from the natural sounds, sights and smells that give Big Cypress its unique character. Thankfully there is a new proposal that would permanently protect this public preserve.

Tell the Department of the Interior to Protect Big Cypress National Preserve!

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