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Take Action: Join Hands Across the Sand Take Action: Join Hands Across the Sand

This Saturday join hundreds of citizens from across the U.S. in joining hands against expanded offshore drilling. People will hold hands along scenic stretches of beach and inland landmarks at more than 170 locations in dozens of states in a show of solidarity for clean energy solutions and better transportation choices.

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Take Action: Say No to Dirty Fuels Take Action: Say No to Dirty Fuels

In the coming weeks, one of the few laws currently on the books designed to slow climate pollution will be under attack. Known as Section 526, this provision prohibits the federal government from purchasing fuels like liquid coal, tar sands, and oil shale that release more global warming pollution than conventional gas. Despite the fact that this do-no-harm provision has been endorsed by the Navy and security groups, Big Oil and Coal and their friends in Congress want to repeal Section 526 so they can continue to promote antiquated, harmful fuel choices.

Tell your senators to defend Section 526 and keep the U.S. Government from investing in high-carbon fuels instead of truly renewable fuels that protect our environment and our health.

Grand Canyon: Protected from Uranium Mining Grand Canyon: Protected from Uranium Mining

At a press conference yesterday Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar recommended that more than a million acres of public lands adjacent to Grand Canyon National Park be protected from mineral exploration and mining for 20 years. He also announced that the area will remain temporarily protected from new mining claims until the recommendation goes into effect. With more than 3,000 uranium mining claims surrounding the Grand Canyon, the announcement is essential for the protection of this unique region.

The announcement follows many years of work by the Sierra Club to protect the region from uranium mining and other threats.

Pollution: Air Quality Near You Pollution: Air Quality Near You

In the United States there is a 50 percent chance that your air is not safe to breathe. Soot, smog and, other dangerous pollution from coal plants and cars damages lungs, causes chronic bronchitis and, aggravates asthma. So how dangerous is your air?

Find out and learn more about the threats air pollution poses to your health with our new map.