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Take Action: Fully Fund Land and Water Protections Take Action: Fully Fund Land and Water Protections

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is one of the government's most effective tools for acquiring lands critical for conservation and habitat protection. Unfortunately, in the nearly five decades since it was established, it has been fully funded only once. Projects that receive money from LWCF are vital to the continued protection of our national parks, forests, and wildlife refuges.

Tell your senators to support full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Photo by Robert Heil.

Take Action: Save Oil and Create Jobs Take Action: Save Oil and Create Jobs

Our nation's transportation system is in desperate need of repair. Only half of our major roadways are in good condition and nearly one in eight bridges are structurally deficient. Crumbling roads and bridges are not only dangerous, but they also cause drivers to waste oil and increase vehicle maintenance costs. We need to repair our crumbling infrastructure.

Tell your senator to cosponsor S. 1193, the Preservation and Renewal of Federal-Aid Highways Act.

Question: How Much Coal is in Your Life? Question: How Much Coal Is in Your Life?

Think you're 'coalesterol-free'? Think again. With over 500 dirty coal-fired power plants in the U.S., coal is in our air, our water, and our lives. The Sierra Club just unveiled a brand new website to help you see the effect coal's having on your life. Answer three simple questions -- where you live, what you eat, and how you live -- and you'll learn how you and your family are affected by coal pollution. You can then join others around the country who are doing something to protect the health of their communities.

Go 60 mpg: Join the Photo Petition Go 60 mpg: Join the Photo Petition

Spiking gas prices, oil spills, and obscene oil company profits...had enough? The biggest single step we can take to cut our addiction to oil and reduce carbon pollution is to set strong standards for America's new cars.

We need to send a strong message to President Obama to seize this historic opportunity to make 60 mpg the standard for new vehicles by 2025. A picture is worth a thousand words, so help show President Obama that Americans from coast to coast support 60 mpg. Snap a photo of the reason why you want 60 mpg. We will deliver the photos to President Obama, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Transportation.