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Take Action: Save the Clean Water Act Take Action: Save the Clean Water Act

Since it began in 1972, the Clean Water Act has stopped billions of pounds of pollution from entering our waters and has doubled the number of waterways that meet good water-quality standards.

Unfortunately, Reps. Nick Rahall (WV) and John Mica (FL) have introduced a bill to repeal parts of the Clean Water Act, and Congress is expected to vote on it as early as Wednesday. We can't afford to let Big Coal take us back to the days when our rivers were so polluted that some actually caught on fire.

Tell Congress to vote against any attempt to repeal the Clean Water Act!

Take Action: Speak Out for Wyoming's Wolves Take Action: Speak Out for Wyoming's Wolves

Last week, officials from the Department of the Interior and Fish and Wildlife announced details of Wyoming's wolf management plan, which they are on the verge of approving. It would threaten the recovery and even the continued existence of a healthy wolf population in Wyoming. Under this plan, wolves are allowed to be shot on sight across much of the state.

Please call Fish and Wildlife now and tell them that this plan is unacceptable.

Photo by Larry Allan.

Coal: Stopping Cross-State Pollution Coal: Stopping Cross-State Pollution

Last week the Environmental Protection Agency announced a Cross-State Air Pollution standard to protect Americans from dangerous air pollution from coal-fired power plants. Once implemented, the protection will reduce dangerous soot and smog pollution from power plants in 27 states and help curb poor air-quality days and respiratory illnesses that affect millions of Americans.

Beyond Coal Campaign Director Mary Anne Hitt's column on the new standard proved to be very popular, even being noted in a press release from EPA.

Freedom From Oil: EVs are the Way Freedom from Oil: EVs are the Way

Last week the Sierra Club joined more than 180 local and national companies and organizations calling for strong plug-in electric vehicle (EV) policies and infrastructure --demonstrating the groundswell of support in all regions of the country for EV innovation and the types of policies needed to make it successful. Sierra Club Conservation Director Sarah Hodgdon's column delves further into the future of EVs and the letter - read it here.