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July 12, 2011


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Bloomberg’s Electric Vehicle Announcement and “Revenge of the Electric Car” Documentary Promote a Solution to High Gas Prices and our Oil Addiction


New York, NY— Today, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the addition of 70 new electric vehicles for New York’s vehicle fleet, giving the Big Apple the largest electric vehicle fleet of any city in the country.  The announcement coincides with tonight’s screening in Central Park of a new documentary, Revenge of the Electric Car, which presents a critical part of the solution to our nation’s dangerous addiction to oil.


“Mayor Bloomberg’s creation of the country’s largest city fleet of electric vehicles and Revenge of the Electric Car demonstrate the tremendous potential for electric vehicles to save American families money at the gas pump and help us end our dangerous addiction to oil,” said Gina Coplon-Newfield, director of the Sierra Club’s Electric Vehicles campaign.  The Sierra Club is co-sponsoring tonight’s film screening.


Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement and tonight’s screening come as the Obama administration is considering a fuel efficiency standard for cars and light trucks that could set at least a 60 mile-per-gallon standard for cars made in 2025.


“Whether they are automakers, smart grid technology companies, electrical workers, environmentalists or just ordinary consumers, all Americans stand to reap huge benefits from electric vehicles,” said Coplon-Newfield.  “By ensuring a strong standard of at least 60 miles per gallon for cars and small trucks in 2025, we will be able to make the switch to electric vehicles sooner, reducing dangerous pollution significantly and helping to move our nation beyond oil.”


In a recent report, “Beating the Heat with Clean Cars,” Environment New York found that New York State would save $3 billion at the pump in just one summer if cars today met the 60 MPG standard.


“New Yorkers could have cleaner air and improved public health for their families, and they could save money in the process,” said John Cross, transportation advocate with Environment New York. “Setting a 60 mpg standard is the greatest step the country can take to ensure that electric cars and other clean vehicles play a pivotal role in our future, and those vehicles will ensure that New York’s future—and the country’s—will be clean, prosperous and secure.”


“Chris Paine’s Revenge of the Electric Car demonstrates that this country has the technology and the know-how to produce cars that use no oil and produce little or no pollution, and Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement is an important step forward in making those cars the norm and not the exception,” said Cross.  “The cost of our oil dependence has grown out of control, from the outrageous prices we pay at the pump, to the pollution of the air that our families breathe and the warming of our climate, to disasters like the Gulf Oil Spill last year and the recent spill on the Yellowstone River. Today’s events demonstrate that we can bring New York and the country the cars that will move us beyond the consequences of our oil dependence and into a brighter future.”


Today, Mayor Bloomberg also announced a new web site that will help New Yorkers learn more about electric vehicles and how and where to charge them.





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