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Sierra Club Currents - Is that a Male or a Female? 
Volume VI, #67
Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Quote of Note:

"Efficiency is the steak. Renewables are the sizzle."

 -- Carl Pope as quoted in the New York Times, May 29th, 2007

(1) Gender Bending Chemicals: Is that a Male or a Female?
(2) Protect: Sierra Club Moves to Keep Grizzlies Protected.
(3) Take Action: Senate--Call for a Stronger Energy Bill!
(4) Take Action: House—Make Sure Bills Fight Global Warming!

(1) Gender Bending Chemicals: Is that a Male or a Female?

Fish EggsMale fish with eggs? Cases of such "intersexed" fish have now been documented from the Potomac River to the Pacific coast. Today the Sierra Club, along with a coalition of environmental and public health organizations, commercial fishermen and laundry workers demanded that the EPA take action to protect our waters from the toxic chemicals that cause these fish to mutate. Though the human health impacts of these chemicals are still largely unknown, gender changing and sexually deformed fish are a danger signal we should take seriously. 

Learn more about the dangers of these toxic chemicals and the safer alternatives that are available.

(2)  Protect: Sierra Club Moves to Keep Grizzlies Protected

Grizzly BearThis week, Sierra Club, NRDC, Advocates for the West and others asked an Idaho federal district court to restore the "threatened" status of the Yellowstone grizzly population because of ongoing habitat destruction caused by global warming, insufficient bear numbers, and inadequate legal protections. Environmental groups say leaving the bears unprotected now would be premature.

The modest recovery of the Yellowstone grizzly bear shows how effective the Endangered Species Act can be, but Yellowstone’s bears now face their biggest challenge ever in the form of global warming.

Learn more about Sierra Club’s work to protect Grizzlies in Yellowstone and other parts of the country.

(3) Take Action: Senate--Call for a Stronger Energy Bill!

Incandescent Light BulbIn two weeks, the Senate will vote on broad global warming and energy legislation. This is an opportunity to move the country in a new direction -- one that curbs global warming, cuts our dependence on oil, and creates a new clean energy economy.

Unfortunately, the proposed legislation fails the test. We need urgent and meaningful action including a national Renewable Energy Standard, guaranteed fuel economy improvements, and strong energy efficiency programs -- not business as usual. 

Use our Action Center to call your Senators and tell them that America needs a stronger energy policy! 

(4) Take Action: House—Make Sure Bills Fight Global Warming!

Oil RigThe House of Representatives will also have the opportunity later this summer to vote on important energy legislation that helps curb global warming and America's dependence on dirty fossil fuels. 

Energy legislation passed by the House must reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electric utilities and vehicles: These steps are crucial to reducing greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050 -- or two percent a year -- the level scientists say is necessary to avoid the worst effects of global warming. 

Please take the time to ask your Representative to support crucial provisions to boost renewable energy production and raise fuel economy standards--that America needs clean energy that will create jobs, save consumers money, and curb global warming. 

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