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August 2011 - Issue 29



Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Kurt Schrader have launched a surprising attack on a key legal ruling that protects Oregon's clean water from pollution from logging roads. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, muddy sediment from logging roads is a major source of pollution for clean water in Oregon, harming drinking water sources and salmon streams. Click here to take action today and tell Senator Wyden and Congressman Schrader Oregon you oppose their efforts to shield the timber industry's worst polluters from enforcement of our clean water laws! Click here to learn more!


Oregon's struggling wolf packs have been in the news a lot this summer, and the Sierra Club is pleased to offer our members and supporters a chance to learn from Sierra Club volunteer and professional tracker David Stowe, and possibly experience these amazing animals in the wild!

WHAT: Wolf Tracking in Eastern Oregon!
WHEN: September 22-25, 2011
WHERE: TBD by the Wolves!
COST: $575 (includes meals, camping fees, and local transportation)

Click here for more details.


The Oregon Chapter's Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for candidates to run for an elected position on our Executive Committee. The Executive Committee (ExCom) functions as the Oregon Chapter's Board of Directors and is called upon to establish our operating budget, assist in fundraising efforts, manage paid staff, set organizational priorities, and make other important decisions relating to environmental policies, political candidates, and state legislation.

If you are interested in serving on our leadership team, click here to learn more and submit your application by September 1.


Is your home too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? If you could get help with zero-money-down financing for a home energy remodel that could lead to a more comfortable home and energy savings, would you do it? Well, now you can. Through an innovative program called Clean Energy Works Oregon, the Sierra Club is partnering with a coalition of labor unions, religious organizations, and certified weatherization contractors to remodel hundreds of homes this summer to be more energy efficient as part of our Clean Energy Solutions campaign. Depending on where you live in Oregon, you may even be eligible for significant rebates.

Click here to use the Sierra Club's 'Instant Rebate Code' and apply now to find out if you qualify!


Are you interested in saving $10,000 or more on your energy bills? We're excited to announce that the Oregon Sierra Club has reached a groundbreaking agreement with Tualatin-based RS Energy to provide you and other Sierra Club supporters with rooftop solar installation rates that almost every Oregon homeowner can afford! Interested homeowners will receive a free solar evaluation of their home and will be presented with a range of affordable solar options tailored to fit a particular homeowner's energy use and financial needs.

Now -- even in rainy Oregon -- you can affordably power your home with solar, save thousands of dollars on your energy bills, and be part of our state's clean energy solution! Click here to learn more!


City of Portland Banned the Bag!

In late July, the Portland City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that prohibits plastic shopping bags at checkstands of major grocers and certain big-box stores. The new rules take effect October 15. Mayor Sam Adams introduced the ban after the 2011 Legislature declined to enact Oregon-wide restrictions. Sierra Club staff and volunteers worked with our partner organizations to lobby and testify before the City Council in favor of this ordinance. Click here to learn more.

Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Columbia River Salmon!

In early August, for the third time, federal judge James Redden rebuked the federal government's inadequate plans to restore Columbia and Snake River salmon. In a case the Sierra Club has been involved in for years, the judged referred to the federal government's "lack of, or at best, marginal compliance" with the Endangered Species Act and called their plan "neither a reasonable, nor a prudent, course of action." The judge has ordered the government to present plans that include a wide range of options, including breaching salmon killing dams on the Snake River, by 2013.


It's easier than ever to give a monthly, sustaining gift to the Oregon Sierra Club! Your ongoing donations ensure a continuing source of funds throughout the year and make a huge difference in our ability to continue the work that we do. Click here to make a monthly, sustaining gift to the Sierra Club's Oregon Chapter! (Don't want to give a monthly gift? Don't worry, you can still give the old fashioned way too!

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Summer is going by fast! Now is a great time to get outside and enjoy Oregon's environment (and maybe even learn more about how you can get involved with the Oregon Sierra Club!) Check out our outings calendar to see a list of activities in your area!

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