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Take Action: Tell Congress to act on a 21st 21st-century transportation system! Take Action: Tell Congress to act on a 21st 21st-century transportation system!

Our nation's transportation system is at a crossroads our existing roads and bridges are in dire need of repair, and nearly half of all Americans lack access to transportation choices other than driving. The current transportation bill that directs spending on our roads, bridges and transit systems will expire on September 30th. If Congress does not act, thousands of Americans will lose their jobs, and our transportation system will fall further into disrepair.

Ask your member of Congress to extend the current transportation bill and work to create a transportation system that ends our dependence on oil, cuts pollution, and provides clean, efficient, and affordable transportation options.

Moving Planet: Join Us! Moving Planet: Join Us!

The Sierra Club is partnering with to sponsor the Moving Planet day of action to get moving, --literally and symbolically, -- to confront fossil fuels and address climate change. On September 24th, people will take to the streets on bicycles, skateboards, foot, and more, coming together as a global community dedicated to moving our planet in a new direction.

The Club is encouraging members to organize Moving Planet actions to build volunteer leadership and push forward local campaigns to confront fossil fuels.

Join us for an action-oriented volunteer call on Thursday, September 8th at 8 pm EST on how to organize an effective event in short order.

Tar Sands: State Department Endorses Keystone XL Pipeline Coal: Activists Mobilize Around Bryce Canyon National Park

In Utah dozens of new volunteers are now monitoring water quality for coal pollution. Their efforts are part of a joint campaign by the Resilient Habitats, Beyond Coal and Water Sentinels programs to expose the coal industry and its impacts the effect it has on our communities, waters, and wildlife.

New Data data from the new the testing will give activists a leg up on Big Coal, which has been ramping up activity in the area near Bryce Canyon National Park and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

Smog: Protections Delayed Smog: Protections Delayed

An announcement from the Obama administration will delay critical, long-overdue smog protections until at least 2013. President Obama has requested that the Environmental Protection Agency withdraw the draft ozone standards that would have protected our families from smog pollution, which when inhaled is like getting a sunburn on your lungs.

Send a message to President Obama today.

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