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Nov. 22, 2011: In This Issue
º Thank You, Carl Pope
º An Epic Winter Adventure
º Sponsor a Wild Place
º International Outings
º Green Your Holiday

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Sponsor a Wild Place for the Holidays

Sierra Club International Outings
International Inspiration
Experience the world like an insider! We partner with local guides, environmentalists, and naturalists to give you in-depth experiences around the globe in amazing places like these.

ENJOY Green Your ThanksgivingGreen Your Turkey Day
Pass the candied organic yams! It's Thanksgiving tips galore at The Green Life this week.

Stop Grazing on Public Lands
Keep Off the Grass
Grazing cattle and sheep can cause major environmental damage on public lands in Western states. A new grazing reform bill, launched by the Club's Grazing Team, would allow ranchers to retire grazing permits and restore public lands to their wild states.

Tell your representative to support the bill.

Watch Out, Big Oil!

Protesters against the Keystone XL pipelineCan we move America Beyond Oil? You bet! Two big victories this month show how. On November 10, the Obama administration announced that it would order a new environmental review for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline -- just days after thousands of Sierra Club members and other activists encircled the White House to protest the project.

Then, one week later, in response to more than 300,000 comments from our GO60mpg coalition, the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation proposed new fuel-economy standards for cars and light trucks that would reduce oil consumption by 1.5 million barrels per day in 2030 -- the same amount we imported from Saudi Arabia and Iraq combined in 2010.

You can tip your hat to the Obama administration for setting stronger fuel-efficiency and pollution standards here.
Carl PopeThank You, Carl Pope

After nearly 40 years with the Sierra Club, Carl Pope is stepping down from his position as chairman to work on a new initiative to revitalize America's manufacturing sector.

Executive Director Michael Brune, who succeeded Carl as the leader of the Sierra Club in 2010, offers his thanks. During the transition from one leader to the next, the Sierra Club has become stronger and more effective than it has ever before.

Sunrise on the Eastern Sierra over Owens Valley Ranchland, 2000One Man's Special Mountains

Celebrated adventure photographer, Galen Rowell spent much of his life roaming the world with his camera. Yet he always returned to the land where he started out, both as an adventurer and a photographer: California's Sierra Nevada.

The stunning images in this portfolio from Galen Rowell's Sierra Nevada, published by Sierra Club Books, document one man's deep and lifelong connection to one of Earth's most spectacular landscapes.

Insider readers can get a 33% holiday discount on the hardcover edition of Galen Rowell's Sierra Nevada when they order from our store and use the code GALEN.

Photo: Sunrise on the Eastern Sierra over Owens Valley Ranchland, 2000. By Galen Rowell

Watch The WeeklySee "The Weekly"

Like to see things for yourself? Then fasten your peepers on our video news update. "The Weekly" packs a week's worth of the biggest Sierra Club news into just 90 seconds.

When you have 1.4 million members and supporters working to make things happen for the environment all over the country, you can count on exciting news every week!

This week: clean-air guitar.

Visit the Activist Network An Epic Winter Adventure

Aaron TeasdaleFor Sierra magazine writer Aaron Teasdale, attending a four-day ski-mountaineering camp seemed like a great way to improve his backwoods Alpine-skiing skills. 

But he soon realized that "nothing about a winter spent at the local ski hill prepared me for the gut-twisting prospect of launching into thin air off a ridge in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains." Here's the tale he lived to tell.

Inspired to embark on your own winter adventure? Layer up before you wipe out in an avalanche. See Sierra magazine's survey of winter outdoor wear for the latest in everything from no-itch merino to recycled polypro.

Photo: Aaron Teasdale
Sponsor a Wild PlaceSponsor a Wild Place

The holidays are just around the corner, and there's no better way to help protect our wild places for future generations and give a green gift than to Sponsor a Wild Place!

For as little as $20, choose a special gift that also helps preserve America's wild legacy. Each symbolic sponsorship comes with a personalized certificate, a scenic picture of your wild place, a colorful fact sheet, and unique gift options like a plush animal or a rucksack modeled after the one worn by John Muir in 1892. And if you buy now, shipping is FREE!

This holiday season give a gift that gives back. Sponsor a Wild Place today!