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Sierra Club Currents - Liquid Coal: Too Expensive for China's Taste
Volume VI, #69
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quote of Note:

"Your State must be elated with the idea…that they will have the option of letting drilling occur 50 miles off the coast. They won't see the drilling unless they have binoculars. So for those who say they are going to see one of these beautiful wells with all of the equipment, they better have binoculars to see it."

-- Senator Domenici (R-NM) on how beautiful drilling off Virginia's coast would be

(1) Cool Cities: Cool Summer in NH and IA
(2) Technology: Find Clean Air Through the Airwaves 
(3) Take Action: Stop the Levin Amendment to Undermine Fuel Economy!
(4) Tell Your Senators: America Needs a Stronger Energy Bill

(1) Cool Cities: Cool Summer in NH and IA
As part of its ongoing effort to highlight global warming and smart energy solutions in New Hampshire and Iowa this year, Sierra Club hosted events with "Cool Cities" mayors in both states in the past week.  In New Hampshire, Sierra Club brought together the 5 Mayors of Keene, Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth, and Rochester as well as representatives from Dover and Hanover for the first ever New Hampshire Mayor's Energy Summit. 

In Iowa, Sierra Club worked in conjunction with Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie and others to dozens of mayors, community leaders, businesses, and labor from across Iowa together for a two-day conference focusing on local strategies on energy and global warming.

Learn more about Cool Cities.  

(2) Technology: Air Quality on Your Cell Phone

Thanks to new technology, you can now get updated air quality reports sent to your cell phone. With one text message you can find out how clean the air is anywhere in the U.S.  Here's what you do. Text 415-624-6678, then enter one of the following commands.
  • a 5 digit zip code= for the most recent air quality reports for that area
  • the word "worst"=  for the worst three locations in the U.S
  • daily zip time (ex. daily 10011 1300)= to receive a daily air report at the specified time, for the specified zip code
  • daily worst time (ex. daily worst 0900)= to receive a daily report of the worst air quality at the specified time

*all times must be entered in 24 hour format

Learn more here

(3) Take Action: Stop the Levin Amendment to Undermine Fuel Economy!

The Senate is poised to vote on the energy bill, H.R. 6, which increases fuel economy standards to 35 mpg by 2020. Senator Levin will offer an amendment to undermine this goal and let automakers off the hook. This amendment is full of loopholes for the auto industry, including some that may actually increase fuel consumption.

Call your Senators and urge them to oppose the Levin amendment and any other amendments that will undermine mandatory improvements in fuel economy!

(4) Tell Your Senators: America Needs a Stronger Energy Bill

The Senate considers comprehensive global warming and energy legislation this week. This is an opportunity to move the country in a new direction -- one that curbs global warming, cuts our dependence on oil, and creates a new clean energy economy.

Don't wait. Call your Senators and tell them we need a stronger energy bill now!

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