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Take Action: Don't Drill to Pay for More Roads -- read about it. Take Action: Don't Drill to Pay for More Roads

Early this year, the House of Representatives will consider a transportation bill that would fund our nation's roads, bridges, and transit systems. This is an opportunity to break our dependence on oil by investing in transportation choices such as transit, biking, and walking. However, some in Congress have pushed to pay for new, unneeded highways by expanding oil drilling on public lands, even in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tell your representative not to expand oil drilling to pay for transportation.

Take Action: Urge President Obama to Commit to Clean Water -- read about it Take Action: Urge President Obama to Commit to Clean Water

Developers and big polluters are trying to reverse long-established protections for our streams and wetlands, endangering communities’ drinking water supplies and recreational resources and threatening wildlife habitat. The Obama administration has proposed a policy guidance to clarify the scope of the Clean Water Act. Now the administration must finalize this guidance and begin a formal rulemaking.

Tell them to move forward with their proposals to ensure clean water.

Grassroots Activism: No Bluffin' in Arkansas -- read about it. Grassroots Activism: No Bluffin’ in Arkansas

Arkansas Beyond Coal took to a state hearing last week to speak out against an air permit renewal for the massive White Bluff coal plant. They landed some great media hits. "Right now we are at an energy crossroads," said Sierra Club member Lev Guter in one article. "And we have a decision to make. We can either have a sustainable future here and either move towards renewable or we can stick in the past and have dirty water and air for years to come."

Green Transportation: Have You Made Your Voice Heard?  -- read about it. Green Transportation: Have You Made Your Voice Heard?

In November, the Obama administration proposed strengthening fuel efficiency and carbon pollution standards for new cars and light trucks to 54.5 miles per gallons by 2025 -- nearly double what it is today. This new proposal is another critical step in reducing our dependence on oil and cutting carbon pollution.

Hundreds of Americans will be testifying at public hearings this week in support of these standards that would mean significant savings at the pump, cleaner air, more jobs, and better vehicle choices for American families.

Learn more about the hearings and submit your own comments.

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