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January 24, 2012

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Statement on State of the Union by Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune:

Washington, D.C. –

“Tonight President Obama laid out a blueprint for a nation built to last, highlighting important priorities to give hardworking Americans a fair shake, create good jobs for American workers and restore America’s role as a global leader in manufacturing and innovation.  There is no better way to achieve those goals than with a clean energy economy.

“We are especially encouraged by the President’s commitment to doubling down on clean energy sources like wind and solar and creating incentives for clean energy growth and job creation. The Sierra Club agrees with the President – there is no good reason for continuing century-old tax cuts to wealthy oil companies while stalling a clean energy standard that would create a market for innovation and American jobs. 

“Whether it’s putting more fuel efficient cars on the road, improving our transportation infrastructure, investing in wind and solar power or just saving energy, there is strong support among the American people for a clean energy economy that protects our health, air and water.

“But we can’t wait much longer for the clean energy revolution.  Each day, corporate polluters put our children’s health and our nation’s future at risk, polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink with toxic chemicals.  All the while, they are also polluting our political system and working to roll back lifesaving public health protections.

“We need to clean up a fossil fuel industry run amok, by ensuring strong safeguards like protections from toxic mercury pollution and natural gas safeguards that go much further than what the President suggested.  We must also keep fragile, treasured places like the Arctic out of polluters’ reach to protect our families’ health, safety and future.”