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Feb. 7, 2012: In This Issue
º The Color of Money
º King Coal in Kosovo
º Sierra Club and Occupy
º High Art
º Green Your Valentine's Day
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Scenery, Sun, and Service

Want to give back to the wild places you love? Check out our service trips in a variety of spectacular destinations. Help with research projects, trail maintenance, and the removal of invasive vegetation — with plenty of free time to hike, relax, or explore your surroundings.

Maintain trails and remove fencing among the magical rock formations of Arches National Park, Utah, build trails with the kids and grandparents in Montana's majestic Bob Marshall Wilderness, or join a women-only trip featuring cozy lodging, historical walks, and trail work in Florida's Pine Island Conservation Area.

Green Your Valentine's Day
Green Your Valentine's Day

Pink and red may take center stage this Valentine's Day, but don't forget about green. Check out our Green Valentine Tips, Green Gift Guide, and Valentine E-Cards, or download one of our handy coupons for your sweetheart and save a tree.

Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis

"Creating green jobs means more than weatherizing a bunch of homes. It's about connecting African Americans to our cultural heritage and stewardship of the land," says Naomi Davis, a Chicago attorney, activist, and founder of Blacks in Green. Find out how her grandmother, a Mississippi sharecropper, helped inspire her to fight for healthier communities.

Photo by Beth Rooney
Tell the Senate to Say NO to Big Oil's Keystone XL Bill

Protesters against the Keystone PipelineThere's breaking — and disturbing -- news about the Keystone XL pipeline. Big Oil is bringing it back, and with a vengeance. The Senate may vote as early as this week to force construction of the dirty tar sands oil pipeline -- and once again, it's up to you to stop this bill.

Last month, President Obama rejected the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, which TransCanada spent $1.3 million lobbying for in 2011. We knew Big Oil wouldn't give up, and sure enough, they're still at it, using their clout to thwart the president and pass this bill.

Email your senators today and tell them to oppose any legislation that would approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

Speak Out for Fuel Efficiency

Rally for Clear Car StandardsAt EPA public hearings in Detroit, Philadelphia, and San Francisco in late January, more than 500 people turned out to testify in support of the Obama administration's proposal to strengthen fuel-efficiency and carbon-pollution standards for cars and light trucks.

"Our dangerous addiction to foreign oil is threatening our way of life," Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune told the crowd at a rally outside the San Francisco hearing. "For more than 20 years the Sierra Club has been pushing for cleaner fuel choices. These rules are the single biggest step we've taken to move our country beyond oil."

Under the proposed new standards, new automobiles will average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 and emit 35 percent less carbon pollution than 2016 models. The public comment period ends next Monday, February 13. Submit your comments to the EPA and the U.S. Department of Transportation, telling them to enact the proposed fuel efficiency standards.

The Color of Money and Climate

Climate disruptionMany talk about climate disruption as something that we will all experience decades from now. But the ecological consequences of climate disruption are happening at a much faster rate than expected, and the economic fallout is already emerging.

Garvin Jabusch at Green Alpha Advisors, who manages the Sierra Club Green Alpha Portfolio, regularly blogs about green energy, global energy finances, and the emerging green economy. His latest column dissects the potential political and economic ups and downs in this changing world.

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Uncle Sam Pushing King Coal in Kosovo?

Pollution from a coal-fired power plantWhen you think of the U.S. State Department, do you think of Big Coal? We don't either. Yet the government agency that usually handles diplomacy is working with the World Bank to push an expensive and unnecessary coal plant on Kosovo citizens who’d rather breathe fresh, healthy air.

How unnecessary is this coal project? The proposed plant’s generating capacity would be three times higher than existing demand in the area and cost two to three times the amount claimed by the project’s proponents. Shouldn't the government tackle more urgent matters? Join us in telling the State Department No Coal in Kosovo.

Sierra Club and Occupy: A Match Made in...The Heartland?

Occupy Koch TownThe Occupy movement embodies grassroots democracy in action and challenges the power of corporations, making it a natural match for the Sierra Club, given our priority of confronting the coal and oil industries.

Since October, when the Sierra Club announced its support of the Occupy movement, there have been several flourishing collaborations, many of them far from Wall Street in the American heartland. Now the Sierra Club's Missouri and Kansas chapters have organized Occupy Koch Town, a Presidents Day weekend protest in Wichita, Kansas, the hometown of Koch Industries.

Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, who control the company, have quietly funded an anti-environmental agenda that includes construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Want to know more about Occupy Koch Town? Read on...

Transportation's Blast from the Past

Ask Your Representative for a modern transportation billShouldn't America's 21st century transportation plan reflect the 21st century? One glance at what the House of Representatives is considering, and you'd think this was a plan drawn together when I Love Lucy was still on the air.

Unfortunately, the House is poised to pass a bill that would ignore environmental standards, eliminate biking and pedestrian-friendly projects, bankrupt Amtrak, and widen highways with funds meant to improve air quality and reduce congestion.

Maybe Congress isn’t getting the message. Now is your chance to tell them that you want a transportation bill that makes sense for today.

High Art: On the Edge with the World's Best Climbing Photographers

High Art: On the Edge with the World's Best Climbing PhotographersDaring athleticism meets spectacular beauty in our gallery of climbing photography by Jimmy Chin, Jonathan Griffith, Dean Fidelman, Keith Ladzinski, and Tom Evans, whose photos will help you remember why you love the outdoors.

To capture this series of supreme sunsets and jaw-dropping peak shots, our shutterbugs -- heavy equipment in tow -- scaled cliffs, arches, and ice walls with their subjects. "Trying to be creative under duress is the challenge I thrive on," says Chin.

Photo by Keith Ladzinski

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