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Calling all youth 25 and under! Interested in the links between population, reproductive health, climate change, gender and the environment? Apply for an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, DC to learn about these connections at our spring Fellowship Training, March 10-11. More details and the application are available here.

2011 Program Fellows
(2011 Program Fellows)

Tell Obama: Support Birth Control Coverage!

Fifty percent of pregnancies in the United States are unplanned. This January, President Obama took a huge step towards ensuring wanted pregnancies and the health of women, children, and the planet by announcing that religiously affiliated employers, such as universities and hospitals, will now be required (like all other employers under the Affordable Care Act) to cover the cost of birth control for their employees.

However pressure from social conservatives to deny this coverage is mounting -- tell President Obama not to back down!

Population at the UN Climate Conference

You may have heard about the agreements reached at COP 17 in Durban, South Africa to move forward with the Green Climate Fund, adopt a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, and negotiate a new global treaty to reduce emissions by 2015. But where were population, reproductive health access, and gender discussed at the conference and in resulting media coverage? Read an analysis of ‘Pop at COP’ by GPEP staff member Kim Lovell here.

African Youth Caravan at COP 17
(African Youth Caravan at COP 17)

The Road to Rio

Representatives from a variety of disciplines, including leaders at the WorldWatch Institute and the International Planned Parenthood Federation, came together to highlight the necessity of an integrative approach to sustainable development at an Aspen Institute event in January. Over and over, the panel members emphasized the power of a rights-based approach to population, focused on women's education and empowerment, as a means of slowing climate change and improving the health of our families and planet. As the Rio Earth Summit approaches, making these connections is more important than ever. You can watch the event here.

Former president of Ireland Mary Robinson talks as other panelists look on at the Aspen Event
(Former president of Ireland Mary Robinson talks as other panelists look on at the Aspen Event)

Sierra Club Population Activists in the Year of 7 Billion

Sierra Club population activists had a busy 2011, hosting events and activities around the country drawing attention to the world’s population reaching 7 billion and the urgent need to extend voluntary family planning access to women and families worldwide. Read about some of these inspiring events and actions in our 2011 Activist Newsletter, available here.

The Global Population and Environment Program's mission is to protect the global environment and preserve natural resources for future generations by advancing global reproductive health and sustainable development initiatives.

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