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Don’t Let Big Polluters Weaken the Clean Air Act -- Read more. Take Action: Don't Let Big Polluters Weaken the Clean Air Act

Right now, pro-polluter lobbyists and their allies in the U.S. Senate are working around the clock to pass legislation that would weaken the Clean Air Act. Their bill would block life-saving clean air protections that keep us safe from dangerous mercury, lead, dioxins, and toxic acid gases. Big Coal and Oil are trying to sneak the legislation through by attaching it to a transportation-funding bill in the hopes that we won't notice. Let's show them that they can't fool us and that we won't stand for any attempts to weaken protections for our air.

Tell your senators to oppose any attempts to weaken the Clean Air Act today!

We Need a Transportation Bill That Fights Our Oil Dependence -- read more Take Action: We Need a Transportation Bill That Fights Our Oil Dependence

The Senate could soon vote on a transportation bill that would fund our nation's roads, bridges, and transit systems for the next two years. It is critical that the Senate pass a transportation bill that gets us moving beyond oil, cuts pollution, and invests in clean, efficient, and affordable transportation options -- while putting Americans back to work.

Tell your senators that America needs a transportation system that ends our dependence on oil.

House Parties: Discovery Channel's Frozen Planet -- read more.House Parties: Discovery Channel's Frozen Planet

The Earth's polar regions are vast, wild, and virtually untouched -- and now they're in danger. This spring, the Discovery Channel will air Frozen Planet, a miniseries in the tradition of Planet Earth and Life, will take us to both poles, and bring us face-to-face with the wild beauty of these amazing places.

Sign up now to host a Frozen Planet House Party. Invite your friends, watch a DVD sneak peek of the show, and take action to protect America's Arctic this year. We'll give you everything you need: a DVD of the episode, a how-to guide, fact sheets, and ways to take action.

Grassroots Activism: Lower 9th Ward Successes -- read more. Grassroots Activism: Activist Profiled by Ms.

Longtime Mississippi Sierra Club activist Rose Johnson was profiled by Ms. magazine in February. Born and raised in the historic African-American settlement of North Gulfport on Mississippi's Gulf Coast, Johnson currently serves as vice chair of the Mississippi Chapter and sits on its executive committee.

Learn more about her amazing work in this Scrapbook profile.

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