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Dear Friend,

Great news! Over 800 people have signed our petition calling on PNM to quit padding their profits and instead invest in clean energy. Media around the state has been buzzing about PNM's record profits costing the average PNM rate payer an extra $250 a year!

Even Public Regulation Commissioner Jason Marks agrees saying, "PNM should redirect its resources toward the future, not the past."1

Help us keep the pressure on PNM and move New Mexico toward a clean energy future. Forward this email to your friends, family, and colleagues. You can also help spread the word by posting it to your social networks with the handy buttons below. Working together we can win!
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1Evironmental groups chastise PNM, El Paso Times, February 28, 2012 

Tell PNM: Quit Padding Profits
At The Expense Of Ratepayers
And Clean Energy Investments!

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Take Action!

Did you know that since 2008 PNM's electricity rates have increased by 41%? To the average residential ratepayer that's $250 per year from their pocket books.1

While New Mexicans have continued to suffer through the recession and pay more for electricity, PNM profits have skyrocketed. To make matters worse, nearly 80% of that rate increase is going to profits and less than 6% was invested in clean energy.2

Clean energy investments not only help the environment but also pump desperately needed money back into our local economy.

Tell PNM to quit padding profits and invest in clean energy!

Even more alarming, PNM continues to fail to meet New Mexico's Renewable Energy Act which requires them to generate 10% of their power from renewable sources.3 New Mexico deserves a real clean energy future but we won't get there if PNM doesn't do its part.

Tell PNM to use their huge profits to invest in clean energy.

Two hundred and fifty dollars might not seem like a lot to multi-millionaire PNM CEO Pat Vincent-Collawn but to the average New Mexican family an extra $250 each year would go a long way in these tough economic times.

Susanna de Falla, a retired teacher in Albuquerque, lives on a fixed income. An extra $20 a month would allow her to pay for gas to go to the library and volunteer in the community. But in order to make ends meet she has cut back on transportation and tries to keep the lights off as much as she can. It's time for PNM to put New Mexico, its customers, and the environment first but they won't unless they hear from you.

Tell PNM CEO Pat Vincent-Collawn to give New Mexican families a break and invest in clean energy instead of padding profits.

Thanks for all you do for the environment,

Shrayas Jatkar
Sierra Club

P.S. -- Once you've taken action, please forward this to your friends.

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1 Perspectives On PNM: Rates, Profits, Priorities, During the Recession (2008-2012), February 28, 2012


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