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Tell Governor Brown
To Sign The Clean
Energy Bill Of Rights!

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Local clean energy, like rooftop solar or energy efficiency, provides billions of dollars in benefits to Californians. And yet, we've just scratched the surface of what's possible.

In order to expand these benefits to all Californians, the Sierra Club is launching a new campaign: My Generation. This campaign will fight to bring local clean energy (and jobs, savings, and cleaner air) to California.

The need for this campaign couldn't be more urgent. Right now big utilities are working hard to limit the amount of electricity we can generate from clean energy in our communities just so they can add to their bottom line!1

Stop big utilities' attack on California's clean energy economy and tell Governor Brown to stand up for good paying jobs and a healthy environment.

Every week people across the state enter the green workforce hoping to benefit from the security of a good paying job and a growing industry. 

Schools, households, and businesses generating their own clean energy are slashing their utility bills, freeing up cash for other needs helping spur on the economy.

Our communities, now more than ever, need the investment, jobs, and savings clean energy development brings. But for growth to continue, the Governor needs to make sure big utilities don't stand in the way. 

Take a stand against big utility greed and ask Governor Brown to sign the Clean Energy Bill of Rights and move us toward a healthier environment and economy!

In the coming months the My Generation campaign will be ramping up efforts to support locally generated power in California. But we need your help now to ensure the Governor and policy makers in Sacramento understand our commitment to clean energy and a healthy, prosperous future for all. Don't let dirty utilities keep us from creating a real clean energy economy.

Tell Governor Brown to sign the Clean Energy Bill of Rights and help us build a clean energy future that works for everyone! 

Evan Gillespie
Sierra Club

P.S. We need as many people as possible to take action, forward this message to your friends and family or spread the word with our handy share buttons below.

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Steve Leon, PUC May Decide California's Fight Over Net-Metering,  April 13, 2012.

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