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GL_green_diaper_baby.jpgGreen moms, you inspire us. This Mother's Day, we've got cost- and earth-saving tips just for you.

Tip #3: Know your diaper options.

One of the most heated discussions in the mommy blogosphere is on the efficacy of cloth diapers -- whether the waste reduction is outweighed by the laundering required and if the clean-up is worth new mothers' already-limited time. To make the debate even more interesting, some moms are ditching diapers altogether.

We asked a few moms to weigh in.

Cloth: Sierra Club employee and green mom Kelly G. opts for cloth diapers, so we asked her to share her story: "Using cloth diapers has been great! We always knew we would go in this direction and it couldn't be easier. Many parents have misconceptions about cloth diapers. I would say if you're thinking about it using them you should at least try it! I highly recommend using a service to help you out for the first few months."

Diaper Free: Actress and green mom Mayim Bialik traded diapers for "elimination communication" with her children. "When I first learned about it I thought I was the craziest thing I’ve ever heard," Bialik told Sierra magazine. "But it’s being talked about a lot more. It’s a diaper-free movement that’s based on the fact that children give signals. It’s a really profound level of communicating with your child. My second son was dry by 11 months."  Read the complete interview.

Biodegradable: On-the-go mom Erin B. normally uses Huggies, so we asked her to give compostable diapers a try. Here's what she had to say about the new line of biodegradable diapers from Elements Naturals: "It worked really well. They were very absorbent. I didn't like the material, which felt plastic-y, but the diapers seemed to do the job."

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