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July 10, 2007: In This Edition of the Insider
  • Expose Fox News
  • Hawaii Fights Climate Change
  • Enter the Leaky Tent Sweepstakes
  • World Population Day: July 11

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    The Fox in the Greenhouse
    Fox AttacksA grassroots coalition of environmental, religious, and activist groups has launched a campaign to expose the Fox network's skewed and inaccurate coverage of global warming. The campaign, led by the Sierra Club, Brave New Films, and Civic Action, includes a YouTube video called Fox Attacks: The Environment that exposes Fox's pattern of misinformation, and an online petition.

    See for yourself what they've been saying on Fox -- it would be funny if it weren't so infuriating.

    What can you do about it? Plenty, as it turns out. One of Fox's major advertisers, Home Depot, is a company that says it cares about the environment.  That's why we're petitioning  them to pull their ads.

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    Green Hawaii and Cool Jersey

    When you live on an island, the threat of global warming has specific consequences. Fortunately, Hawaii became a national leader in the fight against global climate change when Governor Linda Lingle signed a historic measure that will dramatically decrease the state's greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade.

    Said Jeff Mikulina, director of the Sierra Club's Hawaii Chapter, "Hawaii now has one of the most aggressive laws in the nation to fight global climate change. Our islands' extreme vulnerability to sea level rise, hurricanes, and ocean acidification demands that we become a national leader in global warming solutions."

    And where Hawaii leads, can New Jersey be far behind? The Garden State just adopted the nation's toughest greenhouse-gas reduction law (one day before hosting the North American Live Earth concert). Together with California, that makes three states down and 47 to go.

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    Your Stories: Leaky Tents and Other Adventures
    "When the lights began snapping on, I realized that the sight of a naked man bellowing and chasing a bear down the lane might not be something I felt capable of explaining."

    So Michael Mclaughlin wrote in the story he submitted for our "Your Piece of Paradise" sweepstakes. To celebrate the publication of A Leaky Tent Is a Piece of Paradise,we asked you to send us your own outdoor-adventure tales.

    We've posted a few of the best we've received so far, but the sweepstakes is still running through the end of July, so there's time to send us your own tale and enter to win great camping gear.

    July 11th is World Population Day
    Don't look now, but the Earth is already home to more than 6.6 billion people -- and growing. What can we do about it? The Sierra Club's Global Population and Environment Program supports global health initiatives that ensure healthier communities, help curb global warming, and protect our planet.

    Visit their website on World Population Day to find out what you can do to promote solutions to climate change that advance sustainable development and family-planning initiatives worldwide.


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    Weminuche Campground Service
    Named for the Ute tribe that hunted this land long ago, the Weminuche Wilderness is the largest Congressionally designated wilderness in Colorado.

    Help us rehab overextended campsites and work on trail drainage features in this mountain paradise.

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    Four Great Green Films
    If you only catch one movie this summer, make it Ratatouille. But if you've got time for more, check out Jennifer Hattam's top movie picks for "enviro cinephiles" in theaters and on DVD this summer.

    It's all part of living The Green Life.




    Save Appalachia's Mountains and Streams
    Mountaintop removal is the most destructive form of coal mining. Mining companies clearcut native forests and use explosives to blow off mountaintops to uncover thin seams of coal. They then dump millions of tons of the waste rock into the valleys below, permanently burying streams.

    Please ask Congress to stop this devastating practice

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