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Sierra Club Currents - Fox’s Misinformation Campaign Exposed!
Volume VI, #72
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Quote of Note:

"I really don't think climate change is a political issue. Everyone agrees it's happening. If it's a political issue, it's whether the political will exists to address that change. We know we need to do something, and this is a way to heighten awareness."

- Dan Harrison, NBC senior vice president

(1) Fox Attacks: Exposing Misinformation on Global Warming!
(2) Take Action: Join Country Music Star Kathy Mattea
(3) Take Action: Support a New Energy Future!
(4) Miners: The Resurgence of Black Lung

(1) Fox Attacks: Exposing Misinformation on Global Warming!

Fox AttacksA grassroots coalition of environmental, religious, and activist groups launched a campaign today to expose the Fox News network’s consistent pattern of spreading misinformation about global warming.

A dramatic video released today by the Sierra Club and Brave New Films documents Fox's intentional attempts to delude the public. As part of the campaign, the coalition is urging Home Depot- a company that says it cares about the environment, to stop advertising on Fox.

Do Something!

(2) Take Action Join Country Music Star Kathy Mattea

Today Grammy-award winning country music star Kathy Mattea returned to her native West Virginia to view the devastation caused by mountaintop removal mining and fight the destructive practice. Across Appalachia mountaintop removal mining has destroyed thousands of acres of land, miles of streams and countless communities.

Join in the fight to protect Appalachia!

(3) Take Action:Support a New Energy Future!

Congress is gearing up to vote on legislation that could put America on the path toward energy independence and a cleaner energy future. Unfortunately, vital provisions that would drive meaningful new energy policy -- increases in fuel economy (CAFE) standards and a national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) -- are missing from energy bills sent to Speaker Pelosi by several House committees.

Tell your Representative to support CAFE and a national RES to fight global warming and cut America’s dependence on old dirty sources of energy.

Photo courtesy U.S. Forest Service

(4) Miners: The Resurgence of Black Lung

Despite new regulations and health advances, black lung disease is reappearing among younger miners with increasing prevalence. New research has found that black lung death rates have risen almost 40 percent between 1998 and 2004 and an increasing number of cases have been found in young miners in Kentucky and Virginia. The results of this new study are especially concerning because new regulations should have prevented young miners from getting the disease.

Learn more about black lung and the other disturbing effects of our dependence on coal.

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