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Tell Silicon Valley Power to
Divest from the San Juan
Generating Station!

San Juan Generating Station

Tell Them to Invest in
Clean Energy Instead!

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Did you know that hidden in your power bill is a dirty secret? The energy powering your home comes partly from a dirty and outdated coal-fired power plant -- the San Juan Generating Station in New Mexico.

Silicon Valley Power has made clean energy a priority by investing in wind and solar power but we need them to do more. We need them to shut the door on the San Juan Generating Station and move toward a 21st century clean energy economy by investing all our utility dollars in renewables and efficiency. 

Tell Silicon Valley Power to divest from dirty coal-fired electricity imported from the San Juan Generating Station and make Santa Clara coal-free.

In 2011, the EPA required the plant to install pollution controls to reduce haze emissions -- a cost that the plant's operators would love to pass on to local utilities and their customers. Spending money to fix the pollution at San Juan Generating Station is not a wise expenditure by the City of Santa Clara. 

It ties the city to a dirty coal-fired electricity imported over a thousand miles from a coal plant that will continue to spew tons of climate-disrupting carbon despite any investment in pollution controls. 

Tell Silicon Valley Power now is the time for Santa Clara to further transition to cleaner energy, rather than investing another 15 years-worth of upgrades for an outdated coal-plant.

The San Juan Generating Station is one of the largest, dirtiest coal-fired power plants in the west. It requires massive amounts of water in an already water-thirsty region and pollutes the air, and contaminates the land.

Instead of spending money on a coal plant that pollutes the air and water and makes people sick in the Southwest, we should be erecting more wind turbines, solarizing businesses, and weatherizing our homes. If we are going to become a truly coal-free city that values a healthy environment and a clean energy economy, our utility must do more to make this promise a reality.

Tell Silicon Valley Power to divest fully from the San Juan Generating Station and lead California toward a clean energy future that works for everyone!

Thanks for all you do for the environment,

Miguel Perla
Beyond Coal Campaign
Sierra Club

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