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Take Action: Prevent Chemical Disasters -- Read more. Take Action: Prevent Chemical Disasters

The bulk use and storage of poison gases like chlorine at chemical facilities and wastewater plants put millions of Americans at risk of a Bhopal-magnitude chemical disaster. The Department of Homeland Security and Environmental Protection Agency have consistently asked Congress for the authority to remove these risks by requiring safer chemical processes where feasible. Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress have blocked these efforts.

Tell President Obama to use the Clean Air Act to require companies to design and operate their facilities in a way that prevents the catastrophic release of poison gases.

Clean Energy: Wind Works Campaign -- read more Clean Energy: "Wind Works" Campaign

Yesterday the Sierra Club launched "Wind Works," a new campaign to advocate for renewal of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy. The PTC is a federal tax policy that helps level the playing field by providing the certainty the wind industry needs for continued growth.

"The 'Wind Works' campaign is the Sierra Club's latest step in putting resources toward advocating for renewable energy jobs and ensuring America transitions to a clean energy economy," said Dave Hamilton, Director of Clean Energy at the Sierra Club.

Learn more on the "Wind Works" website.

Grassroots Activism: Support the Moapa Band of Paiutes -- read more. Grassroots Activism: Support the Moapa Band of Paiutes

The Sierra Club stands with the Moapa Band of Paiutes in their fight against coal in southern Nevada. Watch a powerful new short video about their struggle and learn more from Beyond Coal Campaign Director Mary Anne Hitt.

Grassroots Activism: Black Out Against Tar Sands -- read more. Grassroots Activism: Black Out Against Tar Sands

Sierra Club Beyond Oil Campaign Director Michael Marx took to the pages of Huffington Post to announce Sierra Club's support of the "Speak Out Black Out" tar sands oil campaign on Monday. Read more from his column.

"It (was) a rare national day of protest against Prime Minister Stephen Harper's conservative government's attack on civil society organizations including labor, environment, immigration, and students. Over 13,000 Canadian websites (were) blacked out in protest. Many U.S. groups, including the Sierra Club, (joined) in solidarity." See the Black Out animated video here.

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