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Take Action: Say No to Secret Trade Negotiations -- Read more. Take Action: Say "No" to Secret Trade Negotiations

The U.S. is negotiating an expansive Free Trade Agreement with countries in the Pacific Rim. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), will have broad implications for our climate and environment, the rights of workers, and more. Yet it is being negotiated in almost complete secrecy. Representatives Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) and George Miller (D-CA) have drafted a letter calling for increased transparency in the TPP.

Tell your representative to sign this important and timely letter!

Clean Energy: No Anti-Environmental Amendments in the Farm Bill -- read more Take Action: No Anti-Environmental Amendments in the Farm Bill

As the Senate moves forward with the Farm Bill -- a comprehensive must-pass bill that deals with our nation's agriculture some senators are loading it up with anti-environmental amendments. Using a tactic we have seen many times during this Congress, these senators are giving in to polluters by steamrolling protections for our waters and lands and endangering our communities.

Urge your senators to stop these anti-environmental riders.

Grassroots Activism: Pressure Mounts to Stop Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining -- read more. Grassroots Activism: Pressure Mounts to Stop Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining

Last week hundreds of residents from Appalachia and beyond came to Washington, DC, to demand that Congress end mountaintop-removal coal mining and enforce the Clean Water Act.

They talked to their representatives in Congress and the White House, rallied -- some even shaved their heads -- and called for an end to this destructive practice, which has damaged or destroyed nearly 2,000 miles of streams and flattened over 500 mountains.

Talking Dirty: Oil, That Is -- read more. Talking Dirty: Oil, That Is

Have you watched The Dirtiest Oil on Earth yet? It's our latest animation on the dangers of tar sands crude and pipelines transporting the world's dirtiest oil from Alberta, Canada, through the United States.

The animation, created by Sierra Club Productions and featuring narration by actor Joshua Jackson, illustrates the dangers of spills, destruction of natural areas, contamination of air and water supplies, and political influence exerted by the oil industry to build pipeline projects designed to transport tar sands across the U.S. to reach foreign markets.

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