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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 21, 2012                      

CONTACT: Trey Pollard, (202) 495-3058

Sierra Club Response to House GOP’s “Oil Above All” Plan

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Republicans passed their so-called “energy plan,” another in a long series of attempts to gut the country’s clean air and water safeguards, eviscerate critical environmental review laws, and turn over American public lands and billions in tax giveaways to Big Oil companies.

In response, the Sierra Club released the following statement from Athan Manual, Director, Lands Protection Program:

“It’s happened again: John Boehner and his House Republicans have regurgitated Big Oil’s playbook and called it a jobs plan.  

If you’re looking for an example of why Congress’ approval rating is dipping to all-time lows, look no further. This disgraceful legislation is just their latest attempt to put oil above all – especially the needs of American families. While Americans are paying more for gas, House Republicans are more concerned about coddling Exxon and BP and forking over our public lands for more drilling and destruction. While families are struggling to make ends meet, Boehner and his ilk are turning over billions in tax giveaways to companies already making record profits.

If we’ve learned one thing this Congress it’s that House Republicans are asking ‘how high?’ before Big Oil even asks them to jump.”

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