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JULY 2012

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July 26, 2012, Sierra Club Social Event
Instead of a general meeting this month, we will gather for dinner, wine and conversation next Thursday.  The dinner will start at 6:30 p.m. at the Olympia Kebob House, 1543 McCausland Ave. (map)  All members are welcome to join us.  If you have questions about this event, call Toni at 314-434-2072. 


August 23, 2012, Sierra Club General Meeting
7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Litzsinger School, 10094 Litzsinger Road at Lindbergh Blvd., Ladue, MO 63124 (map)
Clean Energy Business Leaders - Our guest panel will be member Rick Hunter of Microgrid Energy, member Dane Glueck of StraightUp Solar, and Cindy Bambini of Brightergy.  We will also hear from members who have solar panels installed on their homes.


Operation Clean Stream

Clean Stream tires

On Saturday, August 25, you can help clean "our" section of the Meramec River from Pacific Palisades to Allenton. The Open Space Council for the St. Louis Region started Operation Clean Stream in 1967 to help restore the Meramec River watershed from human and natural damage. In the 45 years since, the event has become one of the longest-running river restoration projects in the country.  Enjoy the fun as we search for treasures along the river, join the contest for most tires found or most unusual object. We will have a limited number of outfitter canoes to use for the day, so if you don't have a canoe, you can still help. Relax at the picnic following the clean up. For more info and to register, call George Behrens, 314-821-0247.

An Ozark Trail Experience 
In 1979 Al Schneider, MDNR Trail Coordinator, worked with Sierra Club volunteers to complete the nearly 13 mile section of the Ozark Trail along Blair Creek.  So by 2000 when Post-Dispatch reporter Tom Uhlenbrock hiked the Blair Creek Section of the Ozark Trail on his first backpacking trip, the Sierra Club had been building and maintaining the trail for over 20 years.

All the suggestions Tom received for his first backpacking experience (a two-night trip) are still favorite sections -- Taum Sauk, Current River and Blair Creek. He chose the Blair Creek section “because of a steady supply of clear-running water and outstanding views from bluffs overlooking the Current.”  He skipped the first 6 miles from Highway 72 off the total section miles and started his hike from a trailhead on Mark Twain Forest Service Road 2220.  After hiking 3 miles through the Mark Twain National Forest, he entered the Pioneer Forest. He writes: “The trail entered Pioneer Forest and featured picturesque springs in grottos of mosses and ferns.“

Blair Creek at the OT crossing
Blair Creek on the Ozark Trail

Although the trail was well marked with Ozark Trail signs, he was hiking in rough Current River country with a 60 lb backpack on an unseasonably hot fall day and became “hot, buggy and covered with burrs.” So he didn’t hike as far as his chosen campsite at Harper Spring but stopped a mile north on that first day: “An hour later, all was right with the world. I was still a mile from Linders’ (Bruce Linders) choice for my first night’s camping spot but was running out of sun when I came upon paradise. There was a swift-running creek for water, with a grove of cedars higher on the gravel bar.”

Work on the Ozark Trail in October for a day or the week!

Camp and work with us on the Ozark Trail in the Roger Pryor Pioneer Backcountry from October 20 thru October 27, 2012. Free camping at Himont and free meals! Help the Sierra Club showcase the hiking trails through the Blair Creek Section as you experience Pioneer Forest, a model, working forest in the Current River watershed.  For more information contact  Bob Gestel,  636-296-8975 or  Becky Denney, 636-751-3158.

Missouri Sierra Club Legislative Scorecard: Be an Informed Voter

The Missouri Sierra Club has created a legislative scorecard which tracks the votes of all Missouri State Senators and Representatives over the last two legislative sessions. Check out how your Senator and Representative rank and use this scorecard during the August 7 primary and the November 6 general election.  You can view the scorecard in an easily printable form here.

Missouri Sierra Club Electoral Endorsements

The Sierra Club Missouri Chapter has endorsed several candidates for the primary election on August 7 and the general election on November 6. You can see the complete list of endorsed candidates here.

Green Time TV --
How Do Food Choices Affect the Environment?
Green Time airs on KNLC stations in four Missouri areas.  In the St. Louis area it appears at noon on Saturdays on Channel 24-1 and at 8 pm on Mondays on Channel 24-2 on these dates:

Saturday, August 4 & Monday, August 6:
Alexandria Graff and Laura Shields explain that not eating meat or using other animal products (veganism) can help end world hunger.
Saturday, August 11 & Monday, August 13:
David Feldmann and Greg Farough look at the UN Environmental Program reports on animal agriculture.
Saturday, August 18 & Monday, August 20:
James Meinert and Paul Krautmann discus show cultivated plants are in continuous interaction with their living and non-living
Saturday, August 25 & Monday, August 27:
Darvin Bentlage addresses the humane treatment of farm animals and how huge farming operations threaten the livelihoods
of rural Missourians.

For more information, email Don Fitz, or call 314-727-8554.

Job Opening with the Missouri Sierra Club!
The Missouri Chapter is hiring a  quarter-time bookkeeper, since Sue King will be retiring soon.  Email your resumes to John Hickey.

Trivia Night Fundraiser: Save the Date!

The Eastern Missouri Group is hosting a trivia night and silent auction on Saturday, October 27, at The Heights community center in Richmond Heights.

We are currently looking for businesses to sponsor the event and/or provide donations in exchange for advertising opportunities. If you know of a business that would be interested, please email Sarah Merida, or call 660-988-1412.

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