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Take Action: Help Save Alaska’s Salmon and Grizzlies -- Read more. Take Action: Help Save Alaska's Salmon and Grizzlies

Bristol Bay in Alaska is one of the most productive salmon fisheries in the world. It provides livelihoods to the communities that rely on the fish, the wildlife, and all the tourists the area attracts. But now foreign-owned companies want to open Pebble Mine in the Bristol Bay watershed, which would become an open-pit mining operation 50 percent bigger than the island of Manhattan. The pit would produce up to 10 billion tons of toxic waste during its lifetime.

Tell the Environmental Protection Agency to stop Pebble Mine.

Grassroots Activism: Chicago Rallies Against Coal -- read more Grassroots Activism: Chicago Rallies Against Coal

Last week, hundreds of Chicagoans rallied against a coal gasification plant proposed for the city's southeast side. Residents are opposed to the facility because of the pollution it would bring -- not to mention what a poor plan it is to build another dirty coal facility after the city just announced the closure of Chicago's two ancient Fisk and Crawford coal plants.

Learn more in Beyond Coal Campaign Director Mary Anne Hitt's column.

Documentary Power: Public Lands, Private Profits -- read more. Documentary Power: Public Lands, Private Profits

Federal public lands are managed by the government on behalf of all Americans. Some of our public lands are appropriate for energy production and other industrial development, but others should instead be prioritized for values like recreation, hunting and fishing, clean air, clean drinking water, and their role in our quality of life.

The Sierra Club teamed up with the Center for American Progress to produce three short documentaries about three places held in the public trust that are threatened by mining or drilling.

Watch the documentaries here.

Grassroots Activism: Fighting Offshore Drilling in the Gulf -- read more. Grassroots Activism: Fighting Offshore Drilling in the Gulf

Sierra Club activists helped make up a crowd of more than 150 people at a coalition public hearing on offshore drilling in southern Mississippi last week.

They talked about the effect that oil drilling and spilling would have on tourism and the fragile Gulf of Mexico ecosystem -- and received good media coverage.

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