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Get Outside and Play, Says Mrs. Obama

girls running First Lady Michelle Obama recently launched a video encouraging families and children to play in America's great outdoors. The First Lady's Let's Move! campaign began in July 2010, with the express purpose of solving the childhood obesity crisis in one generation.

The outdoors is not only good for improving our health and the health of our children, but also has innumerable benefits beyond just reducing our waistlines. Spending time in nature can help make us healthier and happier, alleviate anxiety, improve our children's vision and possibly help us learn better.

We commend the First Lady for spreading some sunshine on what many of us already know - that getting outside really is good for us! And it's fun, too! Check out Mission Outdoors' take on the video.

Nolan Gould Loves the Outdoors, Makes Sierra Club His New Family

nolan gould Sierra Club's newest (youngest?) youth ambassador, Modern Family star Nolan Gould, spent a week in the Grand Canyon with his family enjoying one of America's most treasured landscapes. He hiked, boated, possibly rode a donkey down a winding trail and filmed a few awesome videos extolling the virtues of the outdoors.

From offering tips to stay cool (eat ice cream!), to giving advice on Leave No Trace, Nolan proved that getting outdoors in nature is a pretty great way to spend the summer.

As Nolan says, "The best way to enjoy the planet is to protect it." So get out there and find yourself a big brother to fan you on hotter days. And, while you're at it, check out a few more newsclips about this trip (see In the News)

Ya, Ya, What Happens In Vegas, Wait ... Scratch That

Las Vegas ICO This time feel free to tell everyone you know about this Vegas story - Las Vegas Inner City Outings is up and running! After months of planning and organizing, in late April a wonderful and dedicated team of Las Vegas volunteers showed Sierra Club spirit on their first outing with a dozen young people from Burk High School, an alternative school in the heart of Las Vegas. Outings leaders Charlie Shipman, Betty Gallifent and Ian Pearson took the kids exploring Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and taught them about Leave No Trace (it's a theme!), water issues and the diverse ecosystem.

And to make sure no one got overheated, there was optional splashing around in a spring-fed pool to cool off after lunch. The first outing went so well that we couldn't resist a surprise stop for ice cream (clearly, another theme to staying cool!). If you're interested in volunteering, contact Charlie for more info.

May the Forest Be With You

Cibola Sierra Club Resilient Habitats Organizer Eliza Kretzmann and Rio Grande Chapter Outings Leader Norma McCallan recently led several wilderness enthusiasts on a citizen's forest inventory outing in the Cibola Forest, just outside of Albuquerque. This outing was the first of several in an effort to activate volunteers to take part in the first update in the US Forest Service planning rule for the Cibola Forest since the Reagan era (a time of "Star Wars" and Star Wars).

The Cibola Forest includes 1.6 million acres of magnificent land in New Mexico. These local outings and trainings will show citizen activists how to inventory forest and roadless areas. Anyone can help with future inventories, whether through the windshield of a car or by foot (our preferred method!) in our beautiful landscapes. Join them for the next Forest Inventory and Training on August 25 in the San Mateo Mountains outside of Socorro, NM.

At Yosemite You Really Have to Mind The Gap

National Park Subway Map The Sierra Club recently released the National Park Subway Map. Not only is it very cool, but it's also useful! While perhaps not the most accurate, it sure hits the mark on how accessible many of our national parks are.

Get out your map and explore! Now if only the national rail system really was this good.
Mission Outdoors

The goal of Sierra Club Mission Outdoors is to get America outdoors. Explore and enjoy! Find out more on our website.

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Just in time for back to school! Do you get kids out on our public lands? Do you need money? Do your partners accept federal funding? The National Environmental Education Foundation, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management are offering grant money to connect our young people connected with America's Great Outdoors. The deadline is September 19, so don't delay. Apply now!

Be a leader. It's not too late to get trained as an outings leader. Join your peers at the next Sierra Club Outings Leader training August 24-26, 2012 for the military, veteran and civilian community at the North Cascades Institute's Environmental Learning Center in Diablo, WA.

Dust off those hiking boots, National Public Lands Day is coming up! Find a project or celebration near you and get out and enjoy our nation's public lands on September 29!


An overwhelming number of Latinos polled believe connecting with the outdoors is important to their way of life, so says a survey conducted by the National Council of La Raza and the Sierra Club. Ninety-one percent of Latinos surveyed say the outdoors is important to them, and nearly 70 percent believe we should protect more of our public lands. Read our Outreach Representative's comments on this poll.

Our friends at The Nature Conservancy have created a wonderful tool to help explain how nature works for us and what we can do to ensure that nature's (noncombustion, solar-powered) engine keeps running. Perfect for educators, Nature Works Everywhere uses video, games and interactive lesson plans to keep students engaged. It's even aligned to standards!

It's still summer and the kids are going back to school. No better time to get outside! Check out our local outings and get out there!


Nolan Gould Gives Back.

The Mission Outdoors Director spent a rainy day hiking with Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard. It wasn't horrible.

Nolan Gould really did love his Grand Canyon trip.

Sierra Club Rogue Group makes the news for their extended backpacking trips.

Baltimore ICO wins awards in the Capitol.

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