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August 7, 2012: In This Issue
º Mind the Gap
º Must-See Waterfalls
º Hike in John Muir's Footsteps
º Little Leader of the Pack

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Sierra Club Outings
Hike in John Muir's Footsteps

Curious about the landscapes that inspired Sierra Club founder John Muir? Let Sierra Club Outings show you the way! Take your pick of a variety of trips highlighting the diversity of Northern California, from the rugged Pacific coastline to the peaks of the High Sierra.

Check out some of our late-summer favorites, including backpacking in Lassen Volcanic National Park and day hikes and nature painting in Tahoe National Forest. Or book a date for the fall, backpacking in the John Muir Wilderness or exploring mountains and beaches in Marin County, California.

Artwork by Karon Gambrill

Little Leader of the Pack
Little Leader of the Pack

Nicknamed "Forrest Gump" by fans, this pooch became an Internet sensation in China after she joined a group of cyclists on a 1,700-kilometer race, running more than 30 miles a day and climbing a dozen mountains over 13,000 feet.

Here's the story of an incredible journey.

Photo courtesy of Matt Lomax

Doe Mountain, TN
The Battle for Doe Mountain

Doe Mountain has one of northeastern Tennessee's premier trout streams and is home to diverse wildlife and forests. When Sierra Clubbers learned it was slated for clear-cutting and development, they didn't just stand by and watch.

Find out what happened in Sierra Club Scrapbook.

"Everything Is Dead"

Tell the EPA to protect our waterRicky Handshoe's family has lived in Floyd County, Kentucky, for generations. Raccoon Creek flows right by his house. "We used to have the best water on the creek and just about more fish than anywhere else for a stream this size."

No longer. Heavy metals and other pollutants from mountaintop-removal coal mining have made the electrical conductivity of the water over 11 times what the Environmental Protection Agency says is safe for aquatic life. "Everything is dead," says Ricky.
After years of scientific study, the EPA issued guidance on acceptable levels of conductivity in stream water. Unfortunately, last week a court sided with the coal industry and threw out the EPA's guidance, saying it wasn’t an official rule.

Join Ricky Handshoe in urging the EPA to appeal the court's ruling so that we can protect our water.

National Parks Subway MapMind the Gap

Traveling from Joshua Tree to Crater Lake? Be sure to transfer at Yosemite. Going to Hot Springs? Change at the Great Smokies.

We love parks and public transit. Which got us to thinking: What would a subway system of our national parks look like?

Take a look at our fun subway map and count the number of stops you've made and the stations you might want to visit on your next trip. 

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Yosemite waterfallNine Must-See West Coast Waterfalls

You can hike to them, dance underneath them, appreciate them from afar, or listen to them up close. They're majestic and powerful, and no two look alike.

These majestic natural wonders are well worth taking a hike to see.

How many of these waterfalls have you experienced firsthand?

Best Internship on EarthThe Good, the Bad, and the Best

Traveling all over the country on outdoor adventures and documenting them on video sounds like a dream job, but Best Internship on Earth winner Joaquin Sosa has discovered that it's not all s'mores and zip lines.

Joaquin's been hard at work this week, chained to the edit desk putting together a miniseries about the highs and lows of his outdoor internship.

Check out Episode 1 here!

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Olympic Medalist and Urban Farmer

Natalie CoughlinYou might know that Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, the most decorated female athlete at both the 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing games, won a bronze medal at this year's London Olympics, bringing her lifetime total to 12 medals. What you probably didn't know is that she grows most of her own food and keeps five chickens in her backyard. 

Learn more about Coughlin's passion for urban farming, her eco-friendly wedding, and how it feels to win a gold medal.

Photo courtesy of Ethan Hall.

Welcome, Dr. Al!

Dr. Al ArmendarizIn August, former Environmental Protection Agency Regional Administrator Al Armendariz chose to join the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign as a campaign strategist. Why the Sierra Club?

As Dr. Armendariz explained in his first interview since leaving the EPA:

"I wanted to join an organization with a track record of success in taking on the coal industry, and I wanted to join an organization that I felt I could contribute to. I found that in the Sierra Club and in the coal campaign."