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August 21, 2012: In This Issue
º Going Solar the Easy Way
º Hang Out with the Manatees
º Swimming for Clean Water
º An "Inconvenient" Disaster
º DIY Phone-Charging Station

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Terrapin Nesting
Terrapin Nesting

A project team in the Sierra Club's Activist Network is working to protect the nesting sites of the diamondback terrapin in Barnegat Light on Long Beach Island, N.J.

Watch a baby terrapin hatch right in front of a class of 20 students visiting the Terrapin Nesting Project hatchery.

Go Solar with the Sierra Club

DIV Phone Charging Station
DIY Charging Station

Lather, rinse, recharge: Turn a shampoo bottle into a wall-mounted cellphone charging station with these step-by-step instructions.

Photo: Lori Eanes 

A Road to Ruin
A Road to Ruin

Coal-mining companies want to use our tax dollars to help finance new mountaintop-removal mines.

Their latest plan is to use $2 billion of federal funds to build a Coalfields Expressway through rural southwest Virginia. The Expressway would bury at least 12 miles of streams and condemn hundreds of acres of land.

Tell the Federal Highway Administration to look at the environmental and community impacts of this project before making a decision.
Sierra magazine's top 10 coolest schoolsThe 10 Coolest Schools

Whether you're preparing to choose a school or you just want to know how your alma mater measures up, you'll definitely want to see the results of Sierra magazine's sixth annual green college guide.

Not only can you learn which 10 schools scored the highest on our exhaustive online survey, but you can also review the complete list of nearly 100 different institutions across the country.

Did your school make the grade?

Photo courtesy of Steve Zylius/UC Irvine

An Inconvenient DisasterAn "Inconvenient" Disaster

For thousands of people in the San Francisco Bay Area, August 6 was a night of terror, as explosions and a massive fire shook Chevron's giant refinery in the city of Richmond.

Sierra magazine's Jessica Meskus lives near the refinery and reached home just in time to rescue her dogs and tortoise before a giant plume of smoke blotted out the sun.

As more than 9,000 people sought treatment at local hospitals, Chevron issued a statement apologizing for "inconveniencing our neighbors."

Beyond Coal

Go Solar with the Sierra Club Going Solar the Easy Way

If you've thought about going solar, but weren't sure you could afford it, think again. As the New York Times wrote in a recent profile of our Sierra Club Solar Homes partner, Sungevity, "residential solar power has never been more affordable."

The secret is that, instead of buying your system, you can lease it (often with no money down) and start enjoying solar savings right away. To get a quote, all you need is a computer, your home address, and three minutes.

Best of all, Sierra Club members and supporters who decide to go solar by August 31 through our program will get a $1,000 bonus.

Win a trip to the EvergladesHang Out with the Manatees

How'd you like to win an all-expenses-paid kayaking trip for two to Florida's fabulous Everglades? You'll explore one of the largest expanses of mangrove estuary in North America -- home to dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles.

All you have to do is upload a photo of your favorite piece of America, and you could be on your way to this subtropical paradise with Sierra Club Outings.

The deadline is August 31, so don't delay.

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Best Internship on Earth Best Internship -- Worst Timekeeping?

He's got his challenges when it comes to schedules, but is Joaquin Sosa right to worry that he's just not punctual enough for the Sierra Club's Best Internship on Earth?

You be the judge in Episode 2.

Late or not, he sure cooks an awesome breakfast (which he'll need for his adventures in Episode 3).

Sierra Club Socks Better for the Sole

Sierra Club Mission Outdoors volunteers lead wilderness outings for military families, veterans, and urban youth all over the country.

Parker Legwear, the makers of Sierra Club Socks, wants to help start those adventures on the right foot. For every three pairs of Sierra Club Socks sold, they will donate a pair to a Mission Outdoors participant.

Made in North Carolina from recycled and organic fibers, Sierra Club Socks are "the official socks of planet Earth."

Help reach the goal of donating 10,000 pairs of socks.

Swimming for Clean Water Swimming for Clean Water

Over Labor Day weekend, endurance swimmer Jamie Patrick will attempt an unprecedented nonstop swim around the 69-mile circumference of Lake Tahoe. He estimates the so-called Tahoe 360 will take approximately 40 hours, and all proceeds from the event will go to the Sierra Club's Water Sentinels program.

"When I was thinking about what cause I could raise money for with the Tahoe 360, clean water was a natural -- and when I thought about who does work for clean water, the first thing that popped into my mind was the Sierra Club."

You can follow the Tahoe 360 live on Jamie's website starting on Friday, August 31.

2013 Sierra Club Calendars The One After 2012

Whether you're superstitious or not, it's time to start thinking about a calendar for next year. How about one filled with gorgeous images from the world's finest nature photographers?

Next year's Sierra Club Wilderness Calendars are fresh off the press, in both weekly engagement book and monthly wall-hanging formats. Hey, we've sold more than 8 million of these for a good reason!