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Take Action: Protect Wyoming Wolves -- Read more. Take Action: Put Communities Ahead of Coal Company Profits

Coal mining companies want to use your tax dollars to help finance new mountaintop removal mines. Their latest plan is to use $2 billion of federal funds to build the Coalfields Expressway through rural Southwest Virginia. Coal companies will flatten the area and make way for the road, while keeping the profits from the coal they extract.

The Federal Highway Administration is reviewing the proposal right now. Tell them to look at the environmental and community impacts of the Coalfields Expressway before approving the project.

Grassroots Activism: Kentucky Coal Fighter Keeps At It -- read more Grassroots Activism: Kentucky Coal Fighter Keeps At It

Louisville Sierra Club volunteer Kathy Little continues to make headlines for her hard work fighting LG&E's Cane Run coal ash dump. "They continue to release fly ash to this day, if not during the day, then at night, when we can’t see it. Either way, we get slammed," said Little of the LG&E ash dump.

Little also recently won a national Sierra Club award.

Grassroots Activism: Doe, a Mountain -- read more. Grassroots Activism: Doe, a Mountain

Maybe you heard that this past spring, the Watauga Sierra Club in Tennessee saved more than 8,600 acres of forest on Doe Mountain but did you get the whole story?

"This is a huge win, and it protects a significant portion of our Watauga Watershed," says Gloria Griffith, chair of the Watauga Group, in this Scrapbook profile piece.

Grassroots Activism: Chickasaw Sierra Club Gets Press -- read more. Grassroots Activism: Chickasaw Sierra Club Gets Press

Congrats to the Chickasaw Sierra Club for this fantastic profile piece in the Memphis Commercial Appeal. "We're local on up. We're engaged locally, on the state level, and nationally. If you want to impact the community, the Sierra Club is for you," said Scott Banbury in the article. Banbury is the conservation chair of the Chickasaw Group.

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