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September 4, 2012: In This Issue
º Brooklyn Decker in the Arctic
º Seven Crazy Caves
º How Dangerous is DEET
º Outdoor Mecca Under Siege
º Eco-Candy

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2013 Sierra Club Outings
2013 International and Winter Domestic Trips Are Here!

Looking for the road less traveled? Skip the tourist traps and join us behind the scenes on one of our newest itineraries across the globe or right here in the States.

Hike among natural and archaeological treasures in Jordan, kayak an archipelago of volcanic islands in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, sail beneath the northern lights in Norway's Lofoten Islands, or choose from a number of trips closer to home, including ski/snowshoe, canoe/kayak, and service.

Photo: Langlsjor Lake, Iceland.
Photo by Jonathan Ampersand Espera/ Aurora Photos.


No need to feel guilty about these treats! Our experts recommend five candies that'll sate your sweet tooth and go down easy.

Photo: Lori Eanes

Eco Insect Repellents
Bug Off: Eco-repellents

How dangerous is DEET? Are there any natural alternatives that really work? We give you the facts on bug (and bear) spray and recommend five products that'll keep you safe.

Photo: Lori Eanes

New Fuel Economy Standards

New Fuel Economy StsandardsThe new vehicle fuel-efficiency standards announced on August 28 are the Obama administration's biggest climate accomplishment -- and the biggest step any administration has ever taken to move us beyond oil. This latest victory is largely thanks to Sierra Club activists like you and will result in 570,000 new jobs, $1.7 trillion saved at the pump, and a nearly 10 percent drop in U.S. carbon emissions from current levels.
More than 35,000 Sierra Club supporters have sent thank-you cards to the White House.

Will you join themand encourage the Obama administration to keep taking strong climate action?

Brooklyn Decker Camping in the Arctic

Brooklyn DekkerActress and supermodel Brooklyn Decker, costar of the hit romantic comedy What to Expect When You're Expecting, spent a week this summer on a Sierra Club trip to Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

"Getting outdoors has always been an important part of my life," she says. “Anyone who spends time enjoying our planet knows exactly why it’s so important to protect places like the Arctic.”

But the Arctic Refuge -- America's largest wildlife refuge -- is threatened by oil exploration and development. Write to President Obama and urge him to designate the Arctic Refuge as a national monument and permanently protect this priceless national treasure for future generations.

Beyond Coal

Sever Crazy Caves Seven Crazy Caves of the Southern U.S.

There's plenty to explore beneath the Earth's surface. We found seven spectacular sites that are easily accessible yet crazy enough that visitors will be glad to have a tour guide -- and a camera -- by their side.

How many of these caves have you visited?

Photo: iStockphoto/Andrew211

Best Internship on earth Catching the Conservation Bug

Sierra Club's Youth Ambassador Joaquin Sosa gains a new appreciation for nature through his summer travels on Sierra Club outings, including a family service outing in Nevada and returning to his father's homeland of Puerto Rico.

Watch the lastest episode.

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Outdoor Mecca Under Seige Outdoor-Adventure Mecca Under Siege

West Virginia's New River Gorge, world-renowned for its white water, sits smack in the middle of the area that would be affected by the proposed reopening and expansion of an old mountaintop-removal mine.

After the mine shut down in 1985, the town of Fayetteville became a top destination for rafters, kayakers, climbers, trail runners, and mountain bikers. Now the locals are reaping the benefits of this tourist boom. One problem: Big Coal is threatening a comeback.

Photo: Stockphoto/mountainberryphoto

Las Vegas ICO Beyond the Lights of Vegas

Inner City Outings takes kids out of the familiar city and connects them with outdoor places they never knew existed. For ICO leaders like Charlie Schneider, a trip to the outdoors with kids is the chance to educate them about the wonders of the desert.

Since becoming chair of Las Vegas ICO -- the program's second-newest group -- Charlie says, "I knew that this was what I would want to do for the rest of my life."