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Nothing puts a dent in your day like discovering moldy, wrinkled fruits and veggies in your kitchen. This week, we'll share some natural tricks to keep your produce fresher, longer!

Case #2: Browning Avocados

Avocados make for great party guacamole, but nobody wants to dip their chips in a bowl full of browned mush. Avocados turn brown when they contact oxygen. So, simple solution: don't let air near your avocados. Many try to do this with plastic wrap or sealed containers. But let's face it — that never works very well. (Plus, we don't like plastic!)

Instead, put the cut avocado in a bowl on top of some onion slices. It'll slow down the browning process with magical onion powers — just kidding, onions aren't magic. But they do have sulfur, which may explain how they preserve the avocados.


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