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Take Action: Thank President Obama for the Chimney Rock Designation -- Read more. Take Action: Thank President Obama for the Chimney Rock Designation

Last week President Obama designated Colorado's Chimney Rock as a national monument, protecting this amazing wild place for future generations. This designation ensures long-term protection of a place that is spiritually, ecologically, and culturally significant and remains of great importance to modern Pueblo Indians.

Thank President Obama for taking this great step, and ask him to continue to be a leader by protecting more special places as national monuments.

Grassroots Activism: Post-Hurricane Action -- read more Grassroots Activism: Post-Hurricane Action

With over 90 reports of oil spills and chemical releases after Hurricane Isaac, Sierra Club Resilient Habitats activists jumped into action along the Gulf Coast.

Coordinating with coalition partners, they called the industry to task over its lack of preparedness and demonstrated the need to strengthen laws and ramp up enforcement. Their hard work paid off with several news hits as well.

Grassroots Activism: Clean Energy in Arkansas -- read more. Grassroots Activism: Clean Energy in Arkansas

Sierra Club Arkansas made headlines this week with the news that clean energy jobs are a high percentage of the state's workforce. A local TV station interviewed Beyond Coal Senior Campaign Rep Glen Hooks about these statistics and the importance of passing the wind energy production tax credit.

Nice job, Arkansas!

Grassroots Activism: Stopping Coal Exports -- read more. Grassroots Activism: Stopping Coal Exports

Last week the city council of Portland, Oregon, voted to approve a resolution opposing coal exports through the city until a full area-wide environmental impact statement is conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Thanks to thousands of activists, Portland's resolution against coal exports is just the latest example of a city standing up for a full environmental impact statement for dirty coal exports. Portland joins 25 other cities, counties, and ports that have officially raised concerns for the projects. Additionally, tens of thousands of residents, over 400 business leaders, 570 healthcare professionals, 200 faith leaders, and over 160 public officials have written letters, submitted comments, and have literally shown up at the Army Corps' door demanding a full review.

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