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Congrats President ObamaTake Action: We've Still Got Work to Do

Newly reelected President Obama spent his first term doubling down on our nation's clean energy economy, fighting to hold oil and coal companies accountable, and taking historic steps to mitigate the climate crisis. It's been a long, hard fight to reach get to where we are. Now is the time to move forward on the challenges -- and the opportunities -- this election has made possible.

Take Action

Send a message to our president today congratulating him on a well-fought victory and letting him know that our work isn't done yet.

Coal-fired Power PlantBeyond Coal: New Analysis Shows Significant Coal Ready for Retirement

Today our colleagues at the Union of Concerned Scientists released an analysis showing that as many as one-third of U.S. coal plants are due for retirement because they are outdated, lack modern pollution controls, and can no longer compete in the marketplace with other sources of energy.

Beyond Coal Director Mary Anne Hitt dives into the research -- learn more in her column.

Stopping Natural Gas Exporting in OregonGrassroots Activism: Stopping Natural Gas Exports in Oregon

A natural gas pipeline and export terminal is proposed along the Oregon coast, but a group of activists is committed to keeping the natural legacy of Oregon and the Columbia River intact.

"The challenge is fighting multibillion-dollar projects that create short-term jobs but at a very high direct environmental cost in terms of the damage to Columbia River estuaries and the damage that pipelines as wide as an interstate highway would cause," says Ted Gleichman, a Sierra Club Oregon volunteer.

Protect Browns CanyonGrassroots Activism: Protecting Colorado's Browns Canyon

Browns Canyon is a ruggedly scenic complex of mountainous ridges and winding valleys adjoining the Arkansas River between Buena Vista and Salida, Colorado, about 130 miles southwest of Denver.

Sierra Club Resilient Habitats activists in Colorado are working to permanently protect the wildness and beauty of Browns Canyon by having it declared a National Monument-- and you can help.

Photo courtesy John Stansfield

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