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Say No to FrackingTake Action: No Blank Check for the Fracking Industry

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a dangerous way of drilling for natural gas -- and if President Obama does not step in by the end of the year, the Department of Energy (DOE) could write the natural gas industry a blank check for more fracking.

Right now, DOE is studying whether we should start exporting fracked liquefied natural gas. Unfortunately, they are evaluating only the business side of exports, not the environmental and public health effects of fracking.

Take Action

Send your letter today, telling President Obama that DOE must look at effects of fracking on our communities before making a decision on LNG export facilities.

International ActivismInternational Activism: Follow the Climate Work in Doha

International climate negotiations kicked off this week in Doha, Qatar, where world leaders are talking about the best path forward toward solving the climate crisis. The Sierra Club is also there to push for sensible solutions and provide coverage.

Learn more on the Compass blog.

Sandy's Effect on TurtlesGrassroots Activism: Sandy's Effect on Turtles

You've read about our response to superstorm Sandy, but maybe you didn't hear about what our New Jersey leatherback turtle activists are doing after the devastating storm.

Kathy Lacey of the Terrapin Nesting Project is blogging on the Activist Network about the damage and response for their hatchlings after Sandy.

Michael BruneGrassroots Activism: College Students and Climate

Last week, as Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune joined the "Do the Math"” tour stop in Durham, North Carolina, he also took some time beforehand to meet with the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Beyond Coal students.

Read more in IndyWeek.

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