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Tell Congress to Protect WildernessTake Action: Tell Congress to Protect Wilderness

If the current Congress leaves this month without taking any action to advance the nearly two dozen wilderness bills that have been stalled, it will be the first one since 1966 not to protect a single acre of wilderness.

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Send a message to your senators and representative now and tell them not to adjourn without protecting wilderness.

Protect Communities from Nuclear WasteTake Action: Protect Communities from Nuclear Waste

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is collecting public comments on nuclear waste storage. In the past, a generic "waste confidence" rule used a hypothetical central storage location (Yucca Mt.) to downplay the environmental impact of nuclear reactors.

Tell the NRC: "The NRC must change its nuclear reactor licensing process to require an individual Environmental Impact Statement for each site determining the impact of creating and storing radioactive waste on each reactor site. The health and safety effects on communities and the environment in proximity to each site needs to be carefully considered individually before granting new licenses and relicensing mature reactors. The 'waste confidence' rule must be abolished as a tool for licensing nuclear reactors."

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Click here to let them know.

Watch Last Week's Google HangoutHang-Out Recap: Watch Last Week's Google+ Hangout on Veterans

Last Friday's Google+ Hangout with Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune, Mission Outdoors Director Stacy Bare, and craigslist founder Craig Newmark was a huge success. The three talked veterans, technology, and the outdoors with a great crowd of online viewers.

You can watch the whole hangout on YouTube now!

Moving Hoosiers Beyond CoalGrassroots Activism: Moving the Hoosiers Beyond Coal

Congratulations to students at Indiana University! Coal Free IU members helped generate hundreds of calls to the school's board of trustees about making sure IU energy plan included moving the Hoosiers beyond coal.

Students and all lovers of clean air cheered when the trustees agreed to the demands.

"We have driven hundreds of calls from students, faculty, alumni, community members, and allies to the administration over the last two days to show that all eyes are on IU as it made this decision," Coal Free IU President Michael Caldie said. "After four years of students demanding that IU stop burning coal and invest in a clean energy future, administrators finally listened."


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