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January 8, 2013
º Shell Oil's Epic Arctic Fail
º Xena the Eco-Warrior Princess
º Solar Gardens
º 5 Unbelievable Natural Hotels
º See Promised Land

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5 Unbelievable Natural Hotels5 Unbelievable Natural Hotels

Part of the excitement of going on a vacation is finding that special home away from home for the trip. Why not go "all natural" with your vacation fantasy? One look at some of these impressive hotels made of natural materials, and you'll be booking that reservation faster than we can say eco-adventure time!

Watch the trailer for The Promised LandGet a Ticket for Promised Land

Promised Land is a compelling new drama about how fracking for natural gas affects communities. Starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski, it tells the story of a rural Pennsylvania farming town where the natural gas industry and activists clash over fracking leases.

Upper Hoback BasinKeep the Wyoming Range Free from Fracking

Thanks to supporters like you, the Wyoming Range's spectacular Upper Hoback basin got a great New Year's gift -- permanent protection from destructive fracking! While we celebrate this victory, we must be vigilant in protecting another critical piece of the Wyoming Range.

Just south of the Upper Hoback, an area known as the "44K" provides important habitat for threatened Canadian lynx and other wildlife as well as outstanding recreation opportunities -- and it's under threat from highly controversial drilling. The Forest Service will decide this year whether to let the drills in -- and your voice can help keep them out.

Sign our petition to Forest Supervisor Jacque Buchanan asking her to keep the Wyoming Range free from fracking.

Photo by Zack Waterman 

Sierra Club Radio
Host Orli Cotel 1) Dr. Alan Lockwood, author of The Silent Epidemic: Coal and the Hidden Threat to Health.

2) Gary Lincoff, author of The Joy of Foraging, talks with us about wild foods that you can find in your neighborhood.

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Help Us Make Climate History

weoil-square-0108.jpgBarack Obama's legacy as 44th president of the United States of America rests squarely on his response, his resolve, and his leadership on solving climate disruption. We need to fire up our clean-energy economy. Join the Sierra Club,, and other groups in Washington, D.C., for the Forward On Climate Rally on February 17 (Presidents Day weekend).

This will be the largest climate rally in American history, and 2013 must be the year of climate solutions. It is time to respond, and the next step President Obama must take is to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.

10,000 activists have already signed up. Join them in Washington next month and be a part of history!

Shell Oil's Epic Arctic Fail

shell-oil-0108.jpgLast year, Royal Dutch Shell preemptively sued the Sierra Club because they believed (correctly) that we would say that oil drilling in the Arctic's Chukchi and Beaufort seas is both risky and unsafe. Turns out that they didn't need us to make that case after all -- they've done an excellent job themselves: Their ships have caught fire, their spill cleanup equipment was destroyed during testing, and at the last minute, they admitted they couldn't comply with their clean air permits.

Then, on New Year's Day, a Shell Oil rig carrying over 150,000 gallons of petroleum products broke free from its tugboat and ran aground near Kodiak Island, Alaska.

Tell President Obama: We can't trust Shell in America's Arctic.

Lucy Lawless Xena the Eco-Warrior Princess

As if Shell Oil weren't having enough problems, they've also got Xena the Warrior Princess on their case. Lucy Lawless and six other activists took action against the company, which resulted in her arrest for trespassing.

The actress discusses her fight to save the Arctic with Sierra magazine

Photo courtesy of Jeff Vogeding

Coming Clean by Michael Brune

New 2013 Trips: Where Will You Go?

2013 Sierra Club TripsAlready contemplating next year's vacation plans? We've just launched hundreds of new adventures that will get you out there without breaking the bank. Whether you're seeking lodge-based explorations or supported treks, leisurely or strenuous backpack journeys, or vacations near home or in far-flung destinations, you can be sure to find a trip that feels like it was designed for you.

Check out some of our brand new itineraries like culture, conservation, and wildlife in Borneo, Malaysia; world-class mountain biking on Alaska's Kenai peninsula; or paddling the rivers and lakes of Thoreau's iconic Maine Woods route. Or join us on a tried-and-true classic like backpacking the Great Western Divide in Sequoia National Park, California; family rafting in Dinosaur National Monument, Utah; or a hiking vacation on Newfoundland's East Coast Trail.

All this, plus more than 300 other possibilities, is available at Sierra Club Outings. Book your reservation online or call (415) 977-5522 to secure your spot.

Good News for Wind PowerGood News for Wind Power

Sierra Club members and supporters sent more than 100,000 messages to Congress asking that the critical production tax credit for the wind industry be renewed.

Under the "better late than never" heading, Congress finally did that at the beginning of this year as part of the "fiscal showdown" bill. Had the credit been allowed to expire, thousands of American wind industry jobs would have been lost. 

Spread the good news by sharing our victory graphic on Facebook.

Solar Gardens

Rooftop SolarRooftop solar power had a big year in 2012, and things don't look to be slowing down anytime soon. But some people -- whether because they're renters, don't have the right exposure to the sun, or simply don't use enough electricity -- can't yet join the rooftop revolution. One possible solution: community solar, also known as "solar gardens."  

Learn how and why they work -- and what hurdles you might face if you want to start one.

Photo courtesy of Mosaic

Look What You Did!

Sierra Club Year End VideoIt's you
 -- starring in the Sierra Club's 2012 year-end music video. Thanks to all the Club's members, supporters, volunteers, and staff, in 2012 we slashed carbon dioxide pollution, raised fuel-efficiency standards for new American-made cars and trucks, secured four new national monument designations, protected more than a million acres of land around the Grand Canyon, organized more than 200,000 outings with youth, families, and veterans, and moved our country closer to a clean-energy future with the announcement of 100 coal-fired power plant retirements. 

Join us at Get Going Green to gear up for an even bigger and greener 2013!

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