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Tell Congress to Pass Hurricane Sandy AidTake Action: Tell Congress to Pass Hurricane Sandy Aid and Ensure Future Climate Resilience

Last week Congress adjourned without passing the aid needed for Hurricane Sandy victims. As the nation deals with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Congress should focus on providing immediate assistance to those in greatest need after the storm. Rebuilding should take place efficiently, equitably, and sustainably, in ways that reduce the risk of future damage from extreme weather without compromising the environment.

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Tell Congress to pass the much-needed Hurricane Sandy aid that also ensures future climate resilience.

Protect the Arctic From Oil DrillingTake Action: Protect the Arctic from Oil Drilling

Last week, a Shell Oil drilling rig loaded with over 150,000 gallons of petroleum products grounded on an island off the coast of Alaska. This is the latest in a series of incidents proving that Shell Oil can't be trusted to drill in America's Arctic. Last year, Sierra Club members and supporters like you managed to stop Shell from drilling for oil in the Polar Bear Seas. Now we need to make sure that President Obama doesn't let Shell drill this year, either.

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Tell President Obama to cancel Shell's drilling permits before it's too late.

Local Wind Power SuccessGrassroots Activism: Local Wind Power Success

Clean energy lovers nationwide applauded last week when Congress passed the Wind Production Tax Credit as part of the fiscal cliff deal.

Sierra Club staff and activists got their voices into regional press about the production tax credit's effects on local wind projects in Missouri and Minnesota.

Hurricane Sandy Recovery: Protecting EveryoneHurricane Sandy Recovery: Protecting Everyone 

Hurricane Sandy left behind not only massive destruction but also a toxic soup of environmental health risks from spilled oil, chemicals, and more. The recovery effort must include efforts to protect cleanup workers from these risks.

Learn more in this column by the Sierra Club's Javier Sierra.

2013 Arctic Strategy SessionJoin Michael Brune and Caroline Cannon for our 2013 Arctic Strategy Session 

2012 was an amazing year for America's Arctic. We stopped Shell's disastrous plans to drill in the Polar Bear Seas and the Obama administration took steps to protect 11 million acres of pristine Arctic wild lands for the first time. But there's more work to do in 2013.

Join Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune and Alaska Native activist Caroline Cannon next Tuesday for a web chat about the fight for America's Arctic.

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